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Winter can be a tough time for your backyard. With your trees shedding their leaves, you may think it’s the perfect time to prune and trim your own tree. However, pruning your tree requires much more expertise than you might think.

At Aussie Tree Solutions, home of the best arborists Brisbane can offer, we want to help homeowners around the Brisbane area understand exactly why they need professional help for their trees this winter. Here are 5 reasons to hire an arborist during winter time:


1. Trained and Experienced  

Aussie Tree Solutions Trained And Experienced

You may think trees are simple and easy, but trees can offer a whole host of unique problems and situations. For those who are untrained or inexperienced when it comes to handling trees, there is a high possibility of not knowing how to deal with a certain scenario, or perhaps not even noticing a problem staring you in the face.

By hiring an arborist, you guarantee your trees the handiwork and experience of a trained professional. For example, your tree may have certain problems or hazards accentuated by the winter season, or maybe your trees are early bloomers that need extra or early care and attention. Knowing these nuances can make the difference between a tree that survives the winter and one that doesn’t.


2. Winter Health  

Aussie Tree Solutions Winter Health

The same way that bears and other large animals hibernate during the winter, trees are also affected by the winter months. This is the season when trees largely fall into a state of dormancy.

Dormancy allows trees to stay alive during the winter months, when there is less sunlight and less nutrients in the soil. When a tree goes dormant, all its processes become slowed – energy consumption, metabolism, growth, and more. This is why trees shed their leaves during winter; since they are creating no food for themselves, they do not need energy-sucking leaves.

This means that the dormant winter season is the best time to prune your tree. Dormant trees don’t have the same vulnerability to diseases and pests when cuts are made into the bark. This means that arborists can more safely prune a tree thoroughly, making sure that every part of it is pruned without worry of infestation.


 3. Prepare For Spring  

Aussie Tree Solutions Prepare For Spring

Another benefit of pruning in the winter? It’s the best time to reshape and redesign your tree! As your trees become naked of leaves during the winter months, they become easier to handle and observe.

If your tree has any present defects or strange or out of place branches, a professional arborist can more easily spot these problems while the tree is dormant. By pruning the tree thoroughly during the winter, you ensure that your tree is on schedule to grow nice, attractive, and healthy by the time spring rolls around.

Tip: The rest of your garden is also less sensitive to the foot traffic of arborists during the winter time, making this the truly ideal time to schedule your tree pruning.


4. Safety And Maintenance

Aussie Tree Solutions Safety And Maintenance

The winter months can lead to unusual weather. Strong storms can be rough on your trees, making large and overarching branches more dangerous than they usually are.

These branches need to be dealt with before a serious incident occurs. For example, a single storm could turn your branches into driveway and sidewalk obstructions, or even cause major property damage to your home and surrounding property. There is also the possibility of knocking down power lines if you aren’t careful with your branches.


5. Timing and Expertise  

Aussie Tree Solutions Timing And Expertise

Different types of trees have different needs. Some trees need earlier trimming and pruning (early bloomers); other trees end up oozing sap if they are pruned too late in the winter season.

There are many ways different species of trees can react to different times of the year, and knowing these differences is key towards pruning your trees the right way. If you are unsure about the way to handle your specific trees, then it’s probably best to hire an arborist on your team, with the expertise and knowledge of timing and more.


Aussie Tree Solutions – The Home Of Your Friendly Arborist This Winter

Aussie Tree Solutions is the home of some of the best arborists Brisbane can offer. We’ve trimmed, pruned, and handled countless trees in the Brisbane area, and understand the special circumstances of pruning trees in the winter. If you want to give your trees the best chance to survive, grow, and thrive during and after this winter season, then why not call us at Aussie Tree Solutions today!

Call us today for an obligation free tree maintenance quote at Aussie Tree Solutions, and see how our arborists can help you this winter.

*All tree work should be done in accordance to local council regulations. Before conducting any tree work please contact either your local council or tree specialists for the latest regulations. Aussie Tree Solutions are professional tree removal, pruning and maintenance experts. For any questions relating these services, please call Aussie Tree Solutions on 07 3351 1722. 


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