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Keeping a nice and well-kept yard means pruning and trimming your trees every so often. Tree pruning and tree trimming is crucial towards maintaining healthy and long-lasting trees, because letting dead and rotten branches sit in your tree can be dangerous for its health.

There’s also another huge benefit from tree pruning, and that’s keeping your yard and your family safe. By removing dead branches before they fall, you protect you and your family from falling branches. Not only that, but if your tree hangs over your home, a falling branch could mean a broken roof, leaving you with more time and money spent on overall repairs.

If you don’t want to hire a team of professionals to handle this job safely and quickly for you, here are 6 smart tree pruning tips to keep you and your trees happy:


1. Wash Your Tools Before You Start  

Aussie Tree Solutions Wash Your Tools

Trees are living things, and the last thing you want to do when opening wounds in your tree is expose it to new and dangerous germs. You don’t want to wake up a week after pruning your tree just to find that it’s becoming dead and rotten, simply because you didn’t wash your shears before you started.

Wash your shears with water and soap, and dry it off with rubbing alcohol. This will wash away and kill any germs that might have been there, saving your tree from any potential diseases.


2. Start Small And Work Your Way Up 

Aussie Tree Solutions Start Small And Work Your Way Up

It can be tempting to start with the biggest dead branches first, because that’s how many of us like to order our work: get the biggest jobs out of the way first, so it gets easier and easier until you’re done.

But this work philosophy can be quite dangerous for both you and your tree when applied to tree pruning. If you remove older and bigger dead branches first, you cause more stress to the tree than if you had removed smaller, younger branches first. By starting with the smaller branches, you can also get a feel for tree pruning with thinner and lighter branches, before moving onto the harder parts.


3. Don’t Cut Straight  

Aussie Tree Solutions Don't Cut Straight

You want your tree to look nice and well-kept, so why wouldn’t you cut your branches off at a nice, straight angle? The problem with that is that it puts unnecessary stress on the tree, and it is also harder to cut a thick branch this way.

The more effective method is by cutting the branch at an angle. This maximizes your energy, puts less stress on the tree during the cut, and gives the tree a quicker healing and recovery time.


4. Keep It Light  

Aussie Tree Solutions Keep It Light

We get it – setting up your ladder and climbing into your tree is tough work, and you don’t want to end up coming back every few weeks to cut off another branch. You want to get everything done in one go, keeping yourself from tree pruning for the foreseeable future.

But going overboard on your tree can send it into a state of shock. If you end up cutting off every odd-looking branch on your tree, causing it to lose half of its branches, your tree’s health will drop immediately. This will dramatically slow its healing and regrowth, as well as make it more vulnerable to any potential diseases.

The trick is to keep it light. Start small, and cut off a few branches here and there, taking away just those that are in desperate need of removal.


5. Prune While Your Tree Is Asleep 

Aussie Tree Solutions Prune While Your Tree Is Asleep

Like all living creatures, trees have a period where they sleep, or go dormant. Their dormancy period depends on the time of the year and depends on the type of tree; some trees are dormant in the summer, and others are dormant in autumn and winter.

Find out when your tree goes dormant and prune it during that period. This will promote the greatest path to recovery and regrowth, as a dormant tree experiences less stress than non-dormant trees.


6. Just Call the Professionals  

Aussie Tree Solutions Just Call The Professionals

Tree pruning and tree trimming can be hard work, especially if you want to ensure the health of your tree and your absolute safety. To get the best results possible, a team of professional tree specialists can get the job done with little to no issue.

With Aussie Tree Solutions, we can guarantee that your tree will be as healthy as it can be, and save you from the backbreaking work of pruning your tree. Call us today for your obligation-free tree trimming quote, and see how easy it can be to have your tree professionally pruned and trimmed!

*All tree work should be done in accordance to local council regulations. Before conducting any tree work please contact either your local council or tree specialists for the latest regulations. Aussie Tree Solutions are professional tree removal, pruning and maintenance experts. For any questions relating these services, please call Aussie Tree Solutions on 07 3351 1722. 





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