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Summer is finally over and now that it’s cooling down, there’s no better time to get out into the backyard and tend to your trees. A bit of maintenance done throughout the year will keep your trees healthy and looking their best. Here’s a quick checklist for the ultimate in autumn tree care.

Get A Check- Up

Just like us, trees need to have a regular check up to ensure they’re healthy and safe. Trees show tell tale signs of sickness and distress that can be easily spotted if you know what you’re looking for. Look for abnormalities and changes to the bark and leaves, signs of pest infestation and basically anything unusual. If you’re at all unsure, it’s best to consult with an Arborist who will be able to immediately identify any issues.

Have Dead Or At-Risk Trees Removed

Aussie Tree Solutions Dead Or At Risk Trees Removed

If a tree is dead or is deemed to be unsafe it will more than likely need to be removed. It’s best not to delay if you have a tree in this category as it can be at risk of falling over in a storm or strong wind, which can cause untold damage, injury and even death.  Dead or dying trees can also harbour pests and disease and put the rest of your garden at risk. Tree removals are almost always best left to the professionals.

Don’t put yourself, your home and your family at risk by trying to DIY, it’s just not worth the risk. Hire an Arborist who will safely and expertly remove the tree and all of the debris.

Have Trees Pruned If Required

Regular pruning (when necessary and when done correctly), promotes tree health and vitality. Autumn is a great time to prune before winter hits and will stimulate growth coming into spring. Only attempt to prune trees yourself if you know exactly what you’re doing. Using improper techniques can actually weaken your tree’s structural integrity and leave it open to pest infestation and disease.

Check Soil Nutrient Levels

Aussie Tree Solutions Soil Nutrients

If your tree is showing signs of distress you can also check the nutrient levels in the soil by picking up a test kit at your local garden centre. You may be able to add a fertiliser that will provide the nutrients your tree needs.


Summer can leave your trees heat stressed, water deprived and at risk. Look for signs such as wilting, yellowing foliage, loss of leaves and drooping, dying or dead branches.

Add Mulch

Aussie Tree Solutions Mulch

Using mulch in your garden is a good idea no matter what time of year it is. Easy to use and reasonably inexpensive, applying mulch has a number of benefits when done correctly. Mulch helps retain moisture in soil, it helps prevent weeds, it regulates temperature and can help protect from pest and disease. Doesn’t hurt that it looks and smells amazing.  Be careful not to apply the mulch right up to the base of the tree’s trunk, leave a space of approximately 20 centimetres, and don’t pile it up too high – 5 centimetres is a good guide. So get mulching!

The Very Best In Autumn Tree Care

The best way to ensure the health and vitality of your trees is to hire a professional Arborist. An Arborist will thoroughly inspect your trees, highlight any issues, advise the best course of action and expertly carry out any necessary work using the correct techniques that will promote the health of your tree.  

If you’d rather leave your autumn tree care to the experts, call your local team of professional Arborists here at Aussie Tree Solutions. We’ve been Brisbane’s go-to team for over 40 years and provide all of your tree care needs from pruning and tree removals to beautiful forest mulch and everything in between. Call now for an obligation free, autumn tree care service quote.

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