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How To Protect Your Trees From Future Storm Damage

Storms can be rough on your trees; in some cases, they can be deadly for them. At Aussie Tree Solutions – home of the top arborists Brisbane has to offer – we want to help all homeowners protect their trees from future storm damage, to keep you, your family, and your...

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7 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

When the trees in your yard start getting too tall, unruly, or generally big, you might be tempted to avoid the “professional fees” that come with hiring a team of arborists Brisbane can offer. Instead, you might consider a DIY pruning project for your own trees. But...

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How Planting Trees Can Save You Money

With household costs skyrocketing and property values seeming to be up one day and down the next, it’s sometimes easy to despair with all of the expense that comes with owning a home. But, if you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, here’s some good news! Did you know...

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How to Have a Bee-friendly Garden

Like them or not, bees are critically important in supporting life on earth, and without them, the world would be a very different place. It’s estimated that a staggering one-third of all of the food produced and consumed each day relies upon pollination, mainly by...

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10 Essential Care Tips For Healthy And Vibrant Trees

While the merits of city-living are all well and good, there are at least two things you just can’t beat with country living: the fresh air and the healthy trees. Living out of the city means you can look outside to see giant, beautiful trees all around you, adding...

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7 Autumn Gardening Tips To Keep Your Garden Glowing

Autumn is a wonderful and interesting time for the garden. Autumn colours all around, with a mixture of warmth and cold between summer and winter. Some might say that autumn is the wrong time to get into gardening, as it will be difficult to maintain it during the...

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Why Hire A Professional Arborist?

Trees are a great way to add beauty and value to any property. However, tree maintenance is key, as trees can grow big and unruly when not treated properly. Not only do untreated trees become an eyesore, but they also pose a danger to houses, telephone lines, and...

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DIY Tree Removal vs Hiring The Professionals

Have a tree that needs serious removal? More adventurous homeowners might look at this as an opportunity for a DIY project, while others might opt for the professional touch instead. So which is better when it comes to tree removal: doing it yourself or hiring the...

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Tree Pruning 101: For Healthy, Happy Trees

Tree pruning is essential towards keeping your tree at maximum health. An unattended tree can become unhealthy in many ways: natural stubs can lead to rot and insects, suckers can sap the nutrition and energy from your tree, dead branches and overlapping branches can...

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The Ultimate Tree Trimming Guide For Beginners

Is your tree getting a little too big and hazardous? Regularly trimming your tree is important for a number of reasons, but doing it yourself can be dangerous, especially if it’s your first time or you don’t have the right equipment. At Aussie Tree Solutions, we are...

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