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What Can I Do About My Neighbour’s Tree?

Having a neighbour with a problem tree can be not only incredibly annoying but also costly. Issues with trees are a common cause of disputes.Trees can drop leaves, fruit and branches into yards and pools, roots can become overgrown and start destroying pathways and...

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Tree Removals And Re-Planting

Trees provide shade, increase property value, provide beauty, and have many environmental benefits, such as holding soil in place, keeping air and water clean, and providing food and shelter for wildlife. However, for many reasons, it may be necessary to...

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Tree Thinning – Why do it?

During the summer months in Brisbane, high winds and damaging hail from our summer storms can have an adverse effect on your trees and gardens. While everyone knows a Brisbane Winter eventually brings about the formidable “westerlies”, usually present...

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Why Tree Mulch?

Many parts of Australia have experienced severe weather patterns, including prolonged droughts. With more hot, dry, windy weather predicted for the future, we should all try to conserve water wherever possible. Using tree mulch in your garden is one way to...

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What Is A Vegetation Protection Order?

Do you know what a vegetation protection order is? Local Councils and State Governments have the authority to protect important vegetation through a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) in accordance with local laws. These laws protect vegetation and deliver...

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Yellow Oleander

The Yellow Oleander plant (Cascabela thevetia syn:Thevetia peruviana) is not only a highly toxic plant that is poisonous to adults and children, but also to animals. In fact, the entire yellow oleander plant is poisonous from the leaves to the flowers, the...

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Do You Have A ‘Naked Lady’ In Your Garden?

Euphorbia sp. (known as Naked Lady, Aveloz, Firestick Plant, Rosea, Indian Tree Spurge, Pencil tree, pencil cactus, sticks on fire or milk bush) is a shrub that grows in semi-arid tropical climates. This plant is very popular in Brisbane gardens and sold in nurseries...

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Are Your Trees Safe? Storm Season Is Near!

South East Queensland storms can pack a punch! Dangerous storms can leave behind a trail of fallen trees or branch debris. As locals, we understand that storm season can be stressful and perilous. We’re here to help you. Ensuring that your property access...

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