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To Remove Or Not Remove A Tree? That Is The Question!

Why Are Trees Removed Trees add a unique appeal to every home. They give your household shade and can even be the base of your awesome tree house. But in some cases, trees do more harm than good. Considering a tree removal might be tough, especially if you don’t know...

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Should I Fertilise My Trees?

We all want our trees to be strong, healthy and look their best. To achieve this, you need to care for, and maintain your trees throughout the year in accordance with the seasons and its needs. This can mean ensuring it has plenty of water when it’s a particularly dry...

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5 Tree Trimming Safety Tips To Keep Yourself Safe

Tree trimming isn’t as easy as it sounds, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk causing yourself some serious damage – anything from sprained wrists to broken bones, or worse. There’s a reason why most people hire professionals to trim their trees, and...

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6 Smart Tree Pruning Tips To Keep Your Trees Happy

Keeping a nice and well-kept yard means pruning and trimming your trees every so often. Tree pruning and tree trimming is crucial towards maintaining healthy and long-lasting trees, because letting dead and rotten branches sit in your tree can be dangerous for its...

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Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Stump In Your Yard

You had a tree removed in your backyard - now what? Do you grind it down or do you leave it there to stand the test of time? After all, it’s just a tree stump, right? What harm can it do? Our team of professionals at Aussie Tree Solutions have put together some points...

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Tree Trimming Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

A new year, and a new you. Isn’t what they always say? And out with the old, in with the new. The New Year is the time of the year when you want to shake off all the dust and start anew. You might start a new diet, say goodbye to sugary drinks, or finally begin that...

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10 Things That Harm Trees

Trees are generally pretty hardy once they are established. However, there are some myths out there about tree care and maintenance that you should know about and avoid to increase the chances of your tree’s long-term success. Here are some tips for...

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Choosing the Right Tree for Your Yard

When it comes to planting trees in your backyard, it’s important to choose wisely as a hasty decision made on a Saturday morning at Bunnings could end up being a big headache down the track. Some trees will grow more and more beautiful with each year and add value to...

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Interesting Facts About Trees

Trees are not only beautiful to look at; they are essential to the existence of life. Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, provide a home for teeming communities of wildlife, give us timber for making an infinite number of products and are in...

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