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Removing a tree isn’t just a simple DIY project you can tackle on a Saturday afternoon. It can be extremely dangerous and more often than not, it’s more difficult than you might think. If you’re considering DIY methods for easy tree removal, there’s a few things to consider that will help with your decision.

How Big Is Your Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions How Big Is Your Tree

Firstly, have a good look at your tree. How big is it? Will it require you to get on a ladder? As a general rule of thumb, if you need to get on a ladder, it’s too big for you to remove yourself. It’s one thing being on a ladder, it’s entirely another being up on a ladder with a moving chainsaw or handsaw. Attempting to remove a tree that is too big is fraught with danger and just not worth the risk as there are so many things that could go wrong. Call your local Brisbane Arborist for a quote.

What Is The Location Of Your Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Is The Location Of Your Tree

Is your tree located near to your house? Any powerlines? Any other structures or services? If the answer is yes, you run the risk of causing some major damage (depending on the size of your tree) if you attempt it yourself and it goes wrong, so it’s best left to the professionals.

Do You Have The Right Tools And Equipment?

Aussie Tree Solutions Do You Have The Right Tools

Removing a tree requires safety equipment and the right tools to get the job done without injuring yourself or damaging your property. As a bare minimum to prevent injury you will need gloves, a helmet, safety goggles, steel-capped boots, hearing protection if you’re using a chainsaw, long-sleeved shirt and long pants to help prevent personal injury. Don’t even pick up a chainsaw unless you are wearing these things. It’s also a good idea to wear chainsaw chaps in the event you lose control of the saw. In terms of equipment it will depend on the tree you’re tackling, but you will more than likely need a high-powered chainsaw with super sharp teeth.

Is Your Tree Protected?

Aussie Tree Solutions Is Your Tree Protected

Before doing any tree work, you need to find out if your tree is protected. Contact your local council to see if there are any tree protection orders in place or you could end up with a fine.

Do You Have Any Idea What You’re Doing?

Removing a tree isn’t as easy as it looks. Unless you are skilled, experienced and know how to cut a tree so that it falls in the direction you want it to – don’t do it! We’ve seen it time and time again where a homeowner has ended up with a tree through their roof, on their car or through the neighbour’s fence – because they thought it would be ‘easy’. Trust us – we might make it look easy, but it’s not.

If, however you’ve decided to tackle it because the tree is small, you’ve got the right tools and equipment, it’s located in a clear spot and you’ve done this successfully many times before – here are some tips.

  • Always find out if your tree is protected before doing any work.
  • Water the day before you intend to remove the tree so the soil is soft and the roots are easier to dig out.
  • Clear the area of any objects as far around the tree as possible to avoid damage.
  • Ensure there are no people or pets anywhere near the area and warn those in neighbouring properties that you’re doing tree work and to take care not to be near to the worksite.
  • Wear protective gear and use sharp tools.
  • Think through which way the tree is most likely to fall so you can cut it accordingly.
  • Have a pre-determined escape route in case of emergency.
  • Leave the area as soon as you have made your last cut. Do not return to the tree until it has completely fallen over.
  • Don’t forget you are still going to have a stump to deal with once the tree has been removed along with all of the debris from the tree itself, so have a plan for how you’re going to take care of that also.

DIY tree removal is not easy. And there is significant and serious risk associated with cutting down trees. Ask yourself – is the money you would save worth your life? A limb? Damage to your house? Tree removal is hard, dangerous work and is generally best left to the professionals who have the skill, experience, tools and equipment to safely carry out the removal. Not to mention they come fully insured, and can take care of council checks, so you can have total peace of mind.

Aussie Tree Solutions are your local team of Brisbane Arborists. We have been safely removing trees and grinding stumps for over 35 years. Call now for an obligation free easy tree removal service and stump grinding quote.

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