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Now that winter is over and we can come out of hibernation, it’s time to dust off the gardening gloves and give your trees a bit of TLC. Here we look at what you can be doing this Spring to make sure your trees are happy and healthy long into Summer.

1. Give your trees a check-up

Aussie Tree Solutions Check Up

Just like us, trees need a thorough check-up to ensure everything is as it should be, to detect any signs of sickness and maintain good health. Take the time to inspect your trees for any signs of disease or damage, if they’re leaning, have dead branches that need to be removed or just anything unusual like discoloured leaves or the presence of pests for example. 

If you would rather leave it to the experts to spot a potential problem, contact your local Brisbane Arborist who will be able to do a full assessment of any tree you have concerns about, and provide expert advice on the best course of action for any trees that may pose a risk to your home or property.

2. Prune

Aussie Tree Solutions Prune

It’s always recommended to prune away unsafe branches that are dead, rotting or diseased so that the pest or sickness doesn’t continue to spread and do more damage at any time of year, however, Spring is a particularly great time to take care of any issues now that the weather is warming up. Have any branches that are overhanging onto your roof, gutters, power lines and other services that could come down and cause damage removed, especially in the lead up to the storm season.

3. Time to tidy up

Aussie Tree Solutions Tidy Up

Take care of any fallen branches, leaves and general debris that might be in your yard to allow for healthy growth. Spring is a great time to have your palm trees cleaned of any dead fronds that can be dangerous and unsightly.

4. Fertilise

Aussie Tree Solutions Fertilizer

After winter, trees may benefit from an extra boost, so using a slow-release fertiliser can help encourage growth and defend against disease and pests. But make sure you use the right fertiliser for the right tree. If you’re unsure you may want a professional opinion from your local Brisbane Arborist, who will be able to advise what would be best for your individual tree.

5. Mulch

Aussie Tree Solutions Mulch

Mulching is great at any time of the year, but it’s especially beneficial in Spring. Add 2 to 4 inches of mulch around your trees to help combat weeds and boost soil moisture levels. Be careful not to pile the mulch up too close to the base of the tree’s trunk – this can be harmful to the tree’s health.

6. Plant something new

Aussie Tree Solutions Plant Something New

Spring is a great time to plant a new addition to your garden, but before you make your selection, you’ll need to consider a couple of things. Where is the new tree going to go? How much space is there? What are the conditions – will it have full sun, will it be shady, will there be a lot of wind?  What sort of tree do you want – a flowering tree, a fruit tree, a tree to provide shade? Carefully consider your options before planting and you’ll get a great result down the track.

For all your tree care needs, from tree removals and pruning to mulch and everything in between, look no further than Aussie Tree Solutions, your local Brisbane Arborists for over 35 years. Call now on (07) 3351 1722 for a free, no-obligation quote for your tree job, big or small, or to speak to one of our Consulting Arborists.

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