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Have you been nominated as the lucky host of the family Christmas get-together this year? Backyard looking like a jungle/desert/neglected mess? There’s still time to tackle it! It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get your backyard and entertaining area in shape for the silly season and ready for family and friends to enjoy. A little preparation will leave you stress-free and able to relax and entertain well into the new year.

Here are our top tips for impressing the family with a gorgeous, and most importantly, safe, backyard.

1. Have a professional Arborist take a look at any trees you suspect might have any issues. Some tell-tale signs of a sick tree can include:

  • Changes to the tree bark
  • Cracks in the tree trunk
  • Reduction in foliage
  • Discoloured leaves
  • Pest activity
  • Deadwood
  • Changes to the soil surrounding the tree

If you have trees showing any of these symptoms, it’s best to have them checked out. If they’re sick, they can be prone to falling over in a storm or strong wind and are more likely to lose limbs – not ideal for the family BBQ.

2. Have hedges trimmed and trees pruned. If you’re up to the task – fantastic! If you have large trees, you have no idea what you’re doing, or you don’t have the right equipment – don’t risk it. Get a free quote and get the job done safe and correct.

Trees that are regularly pruned correctly are much more likely to be healthy and thrive, so it’s well worth the investment for the longevity of the tree.

3. If you have visitors coming who have small children or dogs, it would be prudent to check you don’t have any potentially dangerous plant species in places where little hands can reach. Check out these sites for more information:

If you’re not sure about what species you have in your garden, have an Arborist take a look for you – they will be able to identify potentially harmful species that you may want to have removed.

4. Remove the weeds from your garden. It’ll make that backyard game of cricket much nicer!

Depending on your personal preference you may want to buy a weed killer, but do be mindful that overuse and applying incorrectly can kill the plants in your garden, not to mention they can be laden with toxic chemicals which you may not want around if you have kids or pets.

Depending on how big the job is, you may want to do it the old-fashioned way – by hand! Or you can of course always call a professional to tackle it for you.

5. Now for the final touches! Adding mulch to your garden not only looks great, but will help retain moisture in the soil over the hot summer months, keep weeds at bay and repels pests, so it’s an excellent investment that looks impressive for a small cost. You may also like to add a splash of colour with some summer flowering plant varieties.

And voila! You have a lovely garden fit for family and friends to enjoy all season long. Time to kick back and enjoy!

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