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You may need to have a tree removed for a number of reasons. The tree could be sick or dying and posing a threat to your house and property, it might be overhanging powerlines or other services, or it might be dropping limbs or leaf matter for example. Once you’ve made the decision to have a tree removed, you will more than likely be thinking – how much is this going to cost me?

There are a number of different factors that will determine tree removal cost. Costs can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars in line with these factors specific to your tree. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of difficulty and the longer it takes to remove a tree, the more expensive the removal will be. Let’s take a closer look at what will need to be considered.

Factors which inform tree removal cost:

Size of the tree

Aussie Tree Solutions Factors Which Inform Tree Removal

Size matters! And it’s one of the most influential considerations for tree removal cost. Basically, the bigger the tree, the more it will cost to have it removed. A large tree may require extra crew and more specialised equipment, plus there will be more green waste to be cleaned up and disposed of once the tree has been removed. Trees are normally categorised as small, medium, large and extra large.

Here is a very rough price guide by size, however do note that all of the other factors will still need to be taken into account when determining the price to remove your tree:

  • Small trees (up to 5 metres) – $300 – $1500
  • Medium trees (up to 10 metres) – $500 – $3000
  • Large trees (up to 15 metres) – $750 – $5000
  • Extra-large trees (larger than 15 metres) – $1000 – $20,000 (trees of this size may require traffic management, cranes or other specialty equipment)

Type or species of tree

Your specific type of tree will determine how difficult the tree is to climb, cut down and chip, which all impact the time required to remove it as well as the difficulty to do so. Some trees have hundreds of branches, some have far fewer. Some are covered in sharp, spiky thorns, some are smooth. Some have extremely hard wood, others relatively soft. All of these things will be taken into consideration and will impact the time and level of difficulty involved.


The ability to access your tree is another major factor. If your tree is located down a tiny corridor and squeezed between your garage and your house, the accessibility is poor and the Arborist may require specialist equipment to perform the removal, which equals more money. The closer the team can get their truck, chipper and any equipment to your tree, the easier the job will be.

Your tree’s surroundings

The Arborist will need to assess what is immediately surrounding your tree. Are there power lines above it? Is there a pool below? Is your neighbour’s house just metres away? Any obstructions, buildings, and other trees in the ‘take down zone’ will all increase the degree of difficulty for the Arborist to safely remove the tree. Generally speaking, the more open and clear the space is surrounding the tree, the cheaper the job will be.

The condition of the tree

Whether the tree is healthy, sick, dead or dying will be taken into account. A dead or dying tree can be hazardous to climb so the Arborist may need to hire specialist equipment to perform the removal such as a cherry picker. A tree that is healthy and in good condition conversely, will more than likely be easily climbed and taken down.

Your site

The site itself will be assessed in terms of difficulty. Do you have a highly sloping yard? Do you have uneven ground? Is your driveway extremely steep? These factors may make the job more difficult for the crew to perform the job.

Other factors

Some other factors that may need to be considered when determining tree removal costs are stump grinding, any permits that may be required to carry out the removal and waste disposal.

Hire a professional to remove your tree

Aussie Tree Solutions Hire A Professional

Whilst the experts might make it look easy, don’t be fooled. Removing trees is a dangerous job that should only be tackled by a professional Arborist with the appropriate safety gear and equipment, combined with the requisite experience, knowledge and skill. Attempting to DIY a tree removal to save some dollars is never a good idea and could cost you dearly.

Contact your local Arborist for a quote, have them explain the whole process from start to finish and have the job done safely and efficiently. No mess, no fuss, no worries.

Here at Aussie Tree Solutions, we’ve been removing Brisbane trees for over 40 years. Our team of professionals will expertly remove your tree with the utmost care, whilst employing our stringent safety practices, for your total peace of mind. We provide a full range of tree services from tree pruning to stump grinding and everything in-between. No matter the tree or the job, we’ve got the solution for you!

Call now to enquire about our tree maintenance and removal services.

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