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Nothing evokes the feeling of tropical beach holidays quite like gorgeous swaying palm trees. Which is probably why so many people choose to have these beautiful trees in their backyards. However, for most people, palm tree care and maintenance often only comes as a second thought when people are looking to purchase a palm tree.

Whilst most species are generally pretty low maintenance, some can be more demanding than others. Cocos palms, Coconut palms, Golden Cane Palms, Fan Palms and Canary island Date Palm are just some examples of palm trees that will usually require more maintenance than others as they mature.

Most types of palm trees will require some maintenance to keep them in good condition, stop them from becoming hazardous and making a big mess. No matter what type of palm trees you have, here are some of our top palm tree care tips which apply to most species of palms.

Have Large Fruit And Seed Pods Removed

Aussie Tree Solutions Fruit And Seed Pods Remove

Some types of palm trees such as Cocos palms, grow large fruit and seed pods which can become hazardous if they are left on the tree as they can get quite heavy and become a hazard if they fall. Fruit pods can also attract birds, bats and other animals which can become a problem, and they can also make a big mess.

Have your local Arborist safely remove these fruit and seed pods, which is part of what’s called a ‘palm clean’.

Have Dead Fronds Removed

Removing the dead fronds or leaves from the tree is also part of having the tree ‘cleaned’. Having these fronds removed is good for the tree and it removes the risk of having the fronds fall from the tree, which depending on the tree’s location, can be a safety issue. It’s generally best to only remove the fronds once they are completely dead and brown.

Incorrect pruning can weaken the tree and even permanently damage and kill it. Whilst this may seem like an easy task, it can be a dangerous job removing heavy fronds high up on a palm tree, so don’t take the risk – call your local Arborist who will safely and efficiently remove the fronds for you.

Nourish Your Tree

Aussie Tree Solutions Nourish Your Tree

Like all trees, palm trees need water and nutrients to thrive. Ensure your trees are getting sufficient water, particularly in the hotter months, and give them a good drink if they’re looking particularly dry or have browning leaves. Applying mulch around the tree will keep the moisture in the soil and keep pests at bay.

If you notice anything unusual about your tree such as the presence of pests, changes in the trunk  or discoloured leaves, ask your Arborist to assess the tree’s health and advise on possible treatment options.

Palm Tree Strapping

If you have a palm tree that is close to where people walk, or your car for example and it’s considered to be dangerous because it’s dropping heavy fronds, you can have the palm tree strapped to catch the fronds before they fall. This can be installed by a professional Arborist and may be a good option if you don’t want to have the tree removed.

When To Consider Palm Tree Removal

Aussie Tree Solutions Palm Tree Removal

If your palm tree is already a hazard or is starting to look like it could be a problem down the track, you may need to have it removed. If your tree is close to your house or power lines, near to walkways or other structures it could be dangerous if it’s dropping large fronds or pods. Also if your tree is unhealthy it could be at risk of falling over in severe storms or heavy winds. Some palm trees can have extremely robust root systems that can destroy pathways and foundations and may need to be removed for this reason. If you’re considering having a palm tree removed, ask your local Arborist about your options.

Keep in mind that if you have a palm tree removed, you will be left with the tree stump in your yard unless you have the stump ground out. Palm trees can have very extensive root systems, so this will also remove the roots and allow for the site to be used for planting again. Most professional Arborists will be able to provide a stump grinding service where a specialised machine literally grinds the remaining stump and roots away.

If you have palm trees that require maintenance work, it’s generally not a great idea to take the risk of attempting to do it yourself. Unless you are highly experienced, knowledgeable, physically fit and have the right tools for the job, you could end up badly injuring yourself and your tree. So why take the risk? Tree work can be highly dangerous and in most cases, is best left to a professional Arborist who will expertly care for your tree without damaging your house and property.

Local Palm Tree Specialists

For all things palm trees, we’ve got you covered at Aussie Tree Solutions. For expert palm tree cleaning, removal and stump grinding, call us now for a free palm tree care quote on (07) 3351 1722.

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