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Tree work can be highly dangerous, complicated and technically demanding – so it’s critical you choose a company you can trust. The last thing you want is a tree through your roof and a tree company with no insurance to foot the bill. Do your homework and find a reputable Brisbane Arborist for the job – you’ll be glad you did. Here, we look at what you need to consider when hiring an Arborist for your next tree job.

Do they have the appropriate insurances?

Aussie Tree Solutions Insurances

A tree company should be able to provide you with evidence that they have current public liability, worker’s compensation and professional indemnity insurance in the event something goes wrong with the job and there is any damage. Don’t be shy about asking for proof of this, it is after all your home, your belongings and your trees that are at risk. Any company that can’t, or doesn’t want to provide you with this, just isn’t worth the risk.

Are their staff suitably qualified and experienced?

Aussie Tree Solutions Qualified And Experienced

There are many levels of experience in the tree industry, ranging from a tree lopper, to a fully qualified, Level 5 Arborist. As an absolute bare minimum, anyone doing tree work should at least hold a current chainsaw ticket, and a certificate for pruning of trees near powerlines. Anyone who cannot provide you with evidence of this is severely under-qualified for the job. Ideally, you want an Arborist who holds these certificates, along with others that display their technical skill using machinery such as woodchippers and elevated work platforms. An Arborist who in addition holds a certificate or diploma in Arboriculture has completed study in the field, and has significantly more knowledge about trees and their care.

Will they provide a free, written quote?

Aussie Tree Solutions Free Written Quote

It is an industry standard to provide a free, comprehensive, written quote for any tree job. If a company is unwilling to provide you with this, don’t hire them. A good quote should outline several things:

  • Clear, concise details of the work to be carried out
  • Steps that will be taken to ensure you and your property are fully protected for the duration of the work.
  • Detail around what will be done with the tree debris once the job is completed
  • Details around gaining permissions if the tree is protected
  • Whether or not GST is included in the total quoted amount
  • Reference to the Australian Standard for Pruning: AS4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007)

Do they work to Australian standards?

Aussie Tree Solutions Standards

Ask if they adhere to Australian standards when it comes to their pruning techniques, they should answer: yes, we work to AS4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

Can they provide you with references or customer testimonials?

Aussie Tree Solutions Customer Testimonials

Any tree company worth its salt should have a long list of satisfied customers who can provide a testimonial of a job well done. Ask for the phone number of a customer who is happy to talk to you about their experience or ask to see recent testimonials to give you further peace of mind.

Are they a member of a professional organisation?

Aussie Tree Solutions

Whilst membership to an industry organisation or association doesn’t guarantee work, it does indicate that a company is perhaps more committed to achieving a high standard of work and adhering to the latest in industry standards. An example of a professional organisation they may be a member of is the Queensland Arboricultural Association.

Do their staff hold blue cards?

Aussie Tree Solutions Blue Cards

Just like any worker coming onto your property, it’s best to ask if the Arborist who will be carrying out your tree work holds a current working with children blue card for your peace of mind. You may also like to ask if team members have had a criminal history check.

Once you’re satisfied you’ve done your due diligence and assessed the quotes, it’s time to trust your gut and go with the company you are happy to have at your home and feel confident in carrying out your tree work.

Take the stress out of your next tree job and hire a professional team that’s been taking care of Brisbane trees for over 40 years – Aussie Tree Solutions. Helping homeowners, local councils, schools, commercial businesses and government agencies alike, maintain and manage their trees, Aussie Tree Solutions is a Brisbane institution you can trust.

Fully insured, experienced and qualified for any job, from pruning to full tree removals, our reputation has been built on our specialist knowledge and skill, safety-first work ethic and absolute professionalism. Call (07) 3351 1722 for a free, obligation-free quote today.

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