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Storms can be rough on your trees; in some cases, they can be deadly for them. At Aussie Tree Solutions – home of the top arborists Brisbane has to offer – we want to help all homeowners protect their trees from future storm damage, to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Here are the top tips on how to protect your trees from future storm damage:


1. Plant the Right Trees 

Aussie Tree Solutions Plant The Right Tree

The first thing you have to consider is the type of trees you have in your yard. Some trees are just built to withstand storm damage, and some aren’t. The sturdier the tree, the better. Tree species known for their strength and sturdiness include the Autumn Blaze Maple, Bald Cypress, Red Maple, Linden, and more.

If you have a tree that looks like it won’t withstand a huge storm, then it probably won’t. In this case, extra steps and protection are needed.


2. Think About Their Locations 

Aussie Tree Solutions Think About Their Locations

As you plant your trees, consider where exactly they are relative to the other parts of your property. Trees pushed over by storms can cause immense damage to any surrounding structures.

Roofs, sheds, or other annexes to your home need to be protected from the possibility of falling branches. Another problem is wires – electrical wires, poles, cables, satellite dishes; all of these can come down with a heavy falling branch. Plan your tree placement wisely.


3. Keep the Roots Protected  

Aussie Tree Solutions Keep The Roots Protected

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t the roots already protected underground? Surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. The roots act as the tree’s anchor, and if they’re not healthy or stable, it makes it that much easier for the tree to become uprooted during a storm.

So how do you protect the roots? Simple: protect the land over them. Avoid construction work, excavation, or even driving over the land where the roots grow under. You can also consider placing a ring of mulch around the base of the tree. This adds to the tree’s nutrients, giving it a stronger root system.


4. “Strength In Numbers”  

Aussie Tree Solutions Strength In Numbers

As they say, there is strength in numbers (yes, even when it comes to trees). A tree standing on its own is more vulnerable to strong winds and rain, as all the wind hits it at full force. However, when a tree is surrounded by other trees, the wind and rain are more evenly distributed amongst the trees.

Remember: don’t plan them in a line. Allow for space – about 2-3 meters around each tree – but plant them in a group rather than a line. Planting them too close to each other can hinder growth.


5. Prune Strategically 

Aussie Tree Solutions Prune Strategically

Pruning can seem counterproductive for promoting tree strength to the amateur arborist. After all, isn’t a tree with more branches and thicker foliage stronger against heavy wind and rain? Actually, the opposite is true: regular pruning can make your trees sturdier and more durable when the storms come.

This is because pruning removes dead branches and weak branches, which will be the first to fall in the middle of the storm. These can help bring down the rest of the branches and damage the bark, which weakens the tree. Pruning the tree also promotes better growth and strength.


6. Anchor Your Trees  

Aussie Tree Solutions Anchoring Trees

While the roots act as a natural anchor for the tree, keeping the tree firmly situated in the ground, you can always give the tree some help with your own manmade anchors. For added assurance that your younger trees will stay rooted where it stands, place some stakes around the trunk of larger trees and connect these with rope to the younger trees.

This will help keep your younger trees steady during the roughest winds. But remember: don’t anchor around your tree so tightly that it can’t move. There should be enough area around the tree that it can bend and flex with the wind. If the tree can’t bend with the wind, it is likelier to become uprooted.


7. Add Extra Protection  

Aussie Tree Solutions Add Extra Protection

If a storm is about to come and you don’t trust that your tree is big or thick enough to stand on its own, then it’s time for your last resort with extra protective material. Items such as a row cover or burlap can be wrapped around the trunk of the tree. This protects the tree from the debris flying around in the storm, keeping its bark safe and secure.


8. Get Pros On Your Team 

Aussie Tree Solutions Get Pros On Your Team

What better way to secure your tree’s safety than with a team of professionals on board? At Aussie Tree Solutions, there’s no reason to do it yourself! Your trees are a vital part of your property, and keeping them safe during the storm is essential towards protecting your home.

So what can the pros do for you? What you need is an expert’s eye – our consultation and help can make sure to keep your trees thriving and protected even during the worst storms that will come. We give your trees that extra care you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re looking for the best arborists Brisbane has to offer, contact us at Aussie Tree Solutions today for your obligation-free tree maintenance quote!

*All tree work should be done in accordance to local council regulations. Before conducting any tree work please contact either your local council or tree specialists for the latest regulations. Aussie Tree Solutions are professional tree removal, pruning and maintenance experts. For any questions relating these services, please call Aussie Tree Solutions on 07 3351 1722. 

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