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If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position of having a fallen tree on your property, it can be quite an ordeal depending on what the tree may have fallen on. Fallen trees are unfortunately a pretty common thing, especially here in South-East Queensland where wild weather is a regular occurrence. Depending on your particular predicament, a fallen tree can be a very dangerous situation that needs to be handled correctly.  

Here we take a look at what steps you should take, why trees fall over, and whether it can be avoided.

What To Do First

Aussie Tree Solutions What To Do First

Before doing anything – stop and assess the situation before jumping in and doing something that could potentially do more damage. Your first steps will be dependent on a couple of things. Ask these questions:

  • Where has the tree fallen?
  • What (if anything) has the tree fallen on?
  • What is the size of the tree?

If the tree has fallen onto power lines, don’t go anywhere near it and call Energex or emergency services immediately. This is an extremely dangerous situation and needs to be handled by professionals.

If it’s a small tree that has fallen onto open ground you can get rid of it yourself if you have the appropriate tools and safety gear for the job. Start by cutting off the smallest branches through to the largest. Once all of the branches are removed, cut the trunk itself into smaller, more manageable pieces.

If however you have a large tree that has fallen onto your roof in a storm, it’s obviously an entirely different situation that needs to be handled by an Arborist. You also need to call your insurance company immediately. Do not attempt to DIY this one as you and your home are at risk.

If in doubt, why take the risk? Hiring the professionals will ensure you, and your family’s safety.

Call Aussie Tree Solutions anytime, 24/7 and ask for a free quote on our emergency tree removal service. If you’ve got a tree on your car, a tree blocking your driveway or road or fallen over in your yard, let us take care of it and provide a safe and reliable service you can trust.

Why Do Trees Fall Over?

Aussie Tree Solutions Why Do Trees Fall Over
Got a fallen tree in your yard? Aussie Tree Solutions can remove it for you in no time. For a hassle free and friendly service, call Aussie Tree Solutions today.

It’s a fact – trees can and do, fall over. So why would a seemingly healthy tree fall over? For a number of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are severe weather activity like storms and wind, disease and insect infestation, old age, malnutrition, weak root systems and poor soil conditions. 

Can I Avoid A Fallen Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions Can I Avoid A Fallen Tree

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee that a tree won’t fall over, you can minimise your risk by hiring an Arborist do an inspection of your trees. They will assess your tree’s overall condition and advise you of any action that needs to be taken to keep your tree in good health. After all, a healthy tree is a safer tree.

For all of your tree care needs, Aussie Tree Solutions has got you covered. We’ve been taking care of trees in South-East Queensland for over 40 years and provide a full range of tree services from tree removals to stump grinding, tree pruning to beautiful forest mulch. Call us now on (07) 3351 1722.

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