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If you need to remove a tree from your property, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider if you want to get the job done safely. Tree removal is a demanding, often difficult job that requires a great deal of skill, and it can easily go very wrong if it’s not done correctly. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want to avoid a DIY disaster.

1. Are You Allowed To Remove The Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions Remove The Tree

Don’t assume that just because a tree is on your property it’s up to you whether you can remove it or not. Certain trees can be protected under the Natural Assets Local Law (NALL), sometimes without the property owner’s knowledge. Before doing anything, you will need to ask your local council to ensure you have permission to remove the tree, and you may need to obtain a permit. If a tree is considered to be of significance to the area it may be protected. Also the species and size of the tree is considered, as well as whether there is wildlife actively living in it. All of these things will determine whether or not you can have a tree removed from your property. Illegally removing a tree can result in a hefty fine, so it’s best to just not take the risk and follow regulations.

2. What Is The Tree’s Condition?

Aussie Tree Solutions Trees Condition

It’s important to know what the overall health of the tree is before doing any kind of work. Is the tree sick or dying? Is it structurally sound? Is there disease or infestation present? All of these things will determine how safe the tree is, whether there are any susceptible or weak points and the best course of action for its removal. If you’re at all unsure, have the tree checked out by a professional who can do an assessment and provide expert advice on how to remove it safely.

3. What Sort Of Tree Is It?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Sort Of Tree

It’s ideal to know the species of the tree you want removed so that you know how ‘hard’ the wood is – if a tree is a hardwood it may be extremely difficult to cut and chip. Also the size of the tree will need to be considered as there could be an enormous mess at the end which you’ll need to clean up and take away from your property. If it’s a desirable timber you may be able to have the wood milled and turned into slabs or furniture.

4. How Accessible Is The Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions How Accessible Is The Tree

When removing a tree one very important factor is just how easy or difficult it is to access it. If a tree is tightly wedged between your garage and your house with power lines immediately overhead it could be pretty tricky to safely remove. Similarly if there are any underground services nearby or there’s no road access for example, you may need specialised equipment such as a cherry picker or elevated work platform, depending on your individual circumstances. An Arborist will be able to provide advice as to the best course of action for your tree.

5. How Close Is The Tree To Any Buildings?

Aussie Tree Solutions Close To Buildings

The tree’s proximity to your home, garage, shed and fences as well as neighbouring houses and structures needs to be very carefully considered when taking down a tree. If a tree is cut incorrectly it can quickly fall exactly where you don’t want it to and cause major damage for which you will be liable if you’re doing the job yourself.

6. Is There Active Wildlife In The Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions Wildlife

If there is protected wildlife currently living in the tree, you will more than likely not be able to have the tree removed until the animals have moved on. And here in Australia, that’s basically all native animals. If you harm an animal in the process of illegally removing a tree you can be heavily fined and even prosecuted, so it’s best to have the tree checked for any signs of animals by a professional Arborist before carrying out any work.

7. What Are You Going To Do With The Stump?

Aussie Tree Solutions Stump

Once the tree has been removed, you will still have a stump left in the ground to deal with. Leaving the stump in the ground will attract pests and can be a tripping hazard so it’s best to have it removed. Most tree service companies offer stump grinding services where a specialised piece of equipment will make short work of the remaining stump.

8. Are You Going To Call The Professionals Or Attempt It Yourself?

Aussie Tree Solutions

Once you’ve weighed everything up you’ll need to decide whether to hire a professional Arborist for the job or if you’re going to attempt it yourself. Are you insured if something goes wrong? Do you have the right tools and equipment? Do you know what you’re doing and have confidence in your ability as well as your physical fitness?

Whilst it may be tempting to give it a go yourself, it’s almost always a bad idea. Removing a tree is extremely dangerous, and even a small tree can cause a significant amount of damage if it’s not done correctly. Don’t put yourself, your family and your neighbours at risk. Take the stress out of tree removal and hire a qualified, insured, experienced Arborist.

If you’re looking for Brisbane tree removal experts, look no further than Aussie Tree Solutions for your team of local professionals. Servicing Brisbane for over 40 years, call now for a free, no-obligation quote for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning or just some expert advice.

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