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Spring has almost sprung, and it’s time to get out in the garden and take care of your trees and plants before the heat of summer is upon us. Here we look at some ‘spring cleaning’ tips to ensure your garden looks its best for the coming season and beyond.

Get planting

Late August and early September is a fantastic time to plant new trees and shrubs. Planting at this time of year gives new trees the time to properly establish their root systems and have some healthy growth before the next winter.

Once the tree has grown new leaves, it will have food and nutrients to sustain them throughout the summer months and into Autumn.

Be sure to give new trees and plants plenty of water to ensure their survival throughout the heat of summer.

Here in tropical Queensland it’s typical to have a dry period followed by relatively long periods of rain so water the plant accordingly.

To give new trees and plants the best chance of survival, preparation is vital. Choose a space that’s best for the particular type of tree you have. Does it need full sun or partial shade? Will it be exposed to strong winds?

Once you’ve chosen the best spot, remove any weeds and prepare the soil. A little pre-planning will go a long way to ensuring your new tree or plant lives a long life.

Prune your trees

Pruning trees is an essential part of tree care and maintenance for a number of reasons. Employing correct pruning techniques will:

  • Reduce the risk of weak or dead branches breaking and falling
  • Improve the structural integrity of the tree
  • Manage and optimise fruit and flower production
  • Promotes tree health and gives the best chance of survival
  • Improves the look and shape of the tree

It is critical that you only prune trees if you’re up to the task and know what you’re doing, as using the wrong techniques can harm your tree and put it at risk.  Not to mention pruning can be dangerous, so if you’re at all unsure, it’s best to call your local Arborist and have a professional do the job.

Spring pruning your flowering plants and shrubs that have already bloomed will encourage new growth and give you a better chance of the plant continuing to flower for longer.

Re-home your plants

If you’ve had plants in pots or containers for an extended period, they may have outgrown their current home and will need to be re-homed to allow the plant’s root system to continue to grow and develop.

Carefully remove the plant from its pot, give the roots a gentle trim and replant in a pot that’s proportionately larger than the last with some fresh potting mix. If they’ve grown quite large it may be best to plant them in the ground.

These simple tips will ensure your garden thrives for Spring and throughout the year, so get out there!

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