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Are your trees safe? With August just around the corner (which is known for bringing strong winds) now is the time to remove all deadwood from trees and to also look at managing any dangerous trees.

Tree branches can become more brittle in the winter months when it is naturally drier. Strong winds in combination with saturated soil can be a recipe for complete structural fail of the root crown.

We strongly recommend being able to maintain a tree rather than remove it. Dead-wooding, canopy thinning and directional pruning can help minimise the associated risks with trees coming down in strong winds.

We have noticed an increase in calls from customers in the recent months saying that Gum trees have simply snapped out and fallen over in strong winds. It is always worth looking around your property to see if there are any trees of concern to you. Our qualified Arborists can determine if the tree is in a healthy condition or if it is diseased or dying.

Also, if you do decide to do your own tree work, we strongly advise that you consider the risk factors first:

• Can the tree cause property damage to your property or your neighbour’s property?
• Make sure you have suitable weather conditions first. Does your insurance cover you if the unthinkable happens? Our insurance does not cover work which has not been undertaken by us in the first instance.
• Are you putting your safety at risk? It is easy to buy a chainsaw and attempt cutting a tree, but there is a reason why we have qualified and experienced climbers who hold chainsaw tickets. We can assist you if something does go wrong, however, it can make it difficult for us if the tree has been cut the wrong way to begin with.
• Also consider if a tree is protected by Local Council as fines can apply.

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