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Beautiful, healthy trees are an asset to any property. They offer aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits. However, they can also pose significant risks if they’re not properly cared for and maintained. One way to mitigate these risks is to hire a certified Arborist to carry out a tree risk assessment.

Here we take a look at what exactly a tree risk assessment is, who should carry out an assessment and what the benefits are for property owners.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Is A Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment is a visual assessment of a tree’s overall health which should only be carried out by a certified Arborist. In the absence of obvious signs of disease, decay or infestations, a tree may have less visible signs of failure that only an expert can detect.

An assessment is normally conducted to determine a tree’s overall risk by identifying the likelihood of branches or the entire tree, failing and the what the consequences of such a failure would be. The assessment establishes whether the tree in questions poses an immediate threat to any persons or property. If any threat is found, the next step is to determine what mitigating options are available to the owner of the tree and to organise an action plan.

The Benefits Of Tree Risk Assessments

Aussie Tree Solutions Benefits

1. Safety

The most significant benefit of having a tree risk assessment carried out is safety. Knowing whether a tree is posing an imminent threat is certainly valuable knowledge to have when it comes to protecting your family, your home and your property. Arborists are trained to identify potential hazards early. They assess factors such as tree strength and stability, structural integrity and overall health. The Arborist can then recommend what steps are needed to address issues before they become critical.

2. Prevention Of Damage

A professional assessment helps identify trees that are at risk of causing damage and will allow you to deal with issues before they become major problems.  Trees can lose heavy limbs in storms, high winds and other natural events and cause significant damage, not to mention the entire tree could fall over causing untold destruction. As assessment means you can be proactive, take the necessary steps and prevent serious damage.

3. Healthier Trees

Professional tree risk assessments go beyond identifying hazards; they also contribute to the overall health of the trees. Arborists can detect early signs of disease, pest infestations and other health issues. By diagnosing these problems early, property owners can implement appropriate treatments to restore the health of their trees. Healthy trees are less likely to become hazardous and they provide more benefits to the property, such as improved air quality, shade and increased property value.

4. Legal Considerations  

Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their trees do not pose a danger to others. In the event of an accident caused by a neglected tree, the property owner could be held liable for damages. Professional tree risk assessments provide documented evidence of proactive maintenance and risk management, which can be crucial in legal situations.

Additionally, some insurance companies require proof of regular tree maintenance and risk assessments to cover damages caused by trees. Regular assessments can help property owners comply with these requirements and avoid potential insurance disputes.

5. Cost Saving

Whilst there is obviously an initial cost associated with having the tree risk assessment carried out, this relatively small cost could save you significantly in the long term. By identifying and mitigating risks early on, property owners can avoid  much higher costs of fixing major damage if a tree does fall over, emergency tree removal and potential legal liabilities.

In addition, healthy, well maintained trees generally increase the value of a property, so it’s a win-win and a sound investment.

Professional Tree Risk Assessment In Brisbane

Aussie Tree Solutions Professional Tree Risk Assessment

Investing in regular tree risk assessments is a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance that ensures the safety, beauty and value of your property. For a professional tree risk assessment in Brisbane, speak to the team at Aussie Tree Solutions today. We have been taking care of trees for over forty years. Let our team of insured, qualified tree service professionals give you total peace of mind and provide you with the very best in tree care and maintenance services from Consulting Arborists to tree pruning, stump grinding and everything in-between, whatever your tree issue, we’ve got the solution!

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