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If you’ve made the decision to have a large tree removed from your property, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. Here we take a look at what’s involved with large tree removal from your property and some of our top tips to make it a smooth process.

When Is A Good Time To Remove A Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions When Is A Good Time

If your tree is dead or dying, and there is no chance of it surviving, a good time to remove it is now. The tree may be at risk of falling over and injuring people or damaging property, especially during storms or in heavy winds.

If you notice changes in your tree’s leaves or bark, it has started to lean or there are signs of infestation or disease – don’t delay. Have a professional Arborist carry out an inspection of your tree and do a full assessment to see if it can be saved or if it would be safer to have it removed.

What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Removing A Large Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions Risks Dangers

Removing any tree comes with a number of risks, however, removing a large tree can be particularly dangerous. The sheer size and weight of a large tree’s trunk and branches can do considerable damage to both people and property and should not be undertaken by anyone without the requisite knowledge, skill and experience.

If the tree is anywhere near powerlines or other services there’s another element of significant risk. The accessibility of the tree and proximity to structures needs to be evaluated and taken into account when devising a plan for removal, and it may need to be removed in many parts or stages depending on the tree and your particular circumstances.

What Equipment Is Needed For Large Tree Removal?

Aussie Tree Solutions Equipment

The equipment that will be required to remove your tree will depend on just how big it is, however, the below pieces are typical for large tree removal:

  • Cherry picker
  • Chainsaws of various sizes for different sized branches
  • Woodchipper
  • Safety equipment – chainsaw pants, helmet, safety glasses, steel-capped boots, ear plugs, dust mask, gloves

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Professional Arborist

Large tree removal is very dangerous. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you don’t have the right equipment and a team of experienced people, it can go wrong very quickly, and you put yourself, your family, your house and your neighbour’s houses at risk. Why take the chance? Hire a professional, experienced Arborist who will safely remove the tree, and all of the debris that comes with it.

The other thing that a professional tree service can do is quickly remove the stump you’ll be left with once the tree has been removed.  Most companies use a specialist piece of equipment called a stump grinder that does exactly what the name implies.

Safe Tree Removal

Aussie Tree Solutions have been expertly removing trees for over 35 years. Our team will take every precaution to ensure your tree is removed safely, for your total peace of mind. Call us now for a free, no-obligation quote on our tree removal and stump grinding services.

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