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Tree pruning is one of the best things you can do to ensure your tree’s overall health and vitality, making it safe and easy to maintain. However, it needs to be done correctly or it can have the opposite effect.

Some common questions we get here at Aussie trees are: when is the best time to prune your trees? What tools and equipment do you need? What are the do’s and don’ts for a good tree pruning? Let’s take a closer look at these pruning essentials.

When Is The Best Time To Prune?

Aussie Tree Solutions Best Time To Prune

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this one, what is common to all trees is that if you have branches that are diseased, dying, deformed, damaged or dead – now is the best time to prune. It’s best not to delay in these instances as the disease can spread causing the tree to become sicker and possibly die – making the tree susceptible to falling over and causing untold damage depending on its size, location and proximity to structures and services. Damaged limbs are more likely to be infested with pests, so again, if you think your tree has an issue, have your local Arborist take a look and prune the offending branches without delay. 

If it’s a general ‘maintenance’ prune or there isn’t any obvious signs of disease or damage, the best time to prune will depend on your type of tree and your desired outcome. If you’re unsure about when is the best time to prune for your particular tree, ask an Arborist to properly identify your tree species and provide you with the optimal pruning schedule to produce the results you’re looking for, such as increased fruit or flower production, or a directional pruning to cut away from structures or services, or to remove overhanging branches.

What Tools And Equipment Do You Need?

Aussie Tree Solutions Equipment

The tools and equipment you will need for tree pruning will depend on your tree. How large are the branches? How high up are the branches?

For a small tree you may require:

  • A good quality, sharp handsaw
  • A good quality pair of sharp secateurs for smaller limbs
  • A pole saw or lopper – for branches that are higher up
  • Hedging shears
  • A pair of good quality gardening gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt and pants

Be sure you use sharp blades to cut branches as rips and tears from blunt tools will leave the tree more prone to infestation and disease.

If you are going to attempt to prune a larger tree yourself, do so with extreme caution. You will more than likely need to use a chainsaw, and while it may seem pretty straight forward, once you’re up a ladder holding a chainsaw at an odd angle it can very quickly go bad. Chainsaws should only be used by professionals or by those with a great deal of experience, and require specialised safety clothing and helmet for safe use.

Why take the risk? Aussie Tree Solutions will expertly and efficiently prune your trees so that they’re safe, healthy and looking their best.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tree Pruning?

Aussie Tree Solutions Dos And Don'ts

To be effective, all tree pruning needs to be done with a reasonable understanding of the particular tree’s biology. Employing incorrect pruning techniques can result in significant damage that can weaken the tree, impact it’s structural integrity, leave it prone to disease and infestation and ultimately shorten the tree’s life. And no one wants an unsafe tree in their backyard.

It’s almost always a case of less is more when it comes to tree pruning. Before you do anything, thoroughly assess your tree and decide what exactly you’re trying to achieve. Always start with any dead, damaged or diseased limbs first by cutting them back to the point of origin or a strong lateral branch. Before making more cuts, assess the tree again and ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Excessive pruning can weaken the tree and impact its structural integrity, so don’t cut what doesn’t need to be cut.

Tree pruning is hard work and can also be highly dangerous. The best way to properly take care of your trees (and you!) is to hire an Arborist who is highly skilled and trained in the care of trees. Leave your trees in the capable hands of Aussie Tree Solutions – your local team of Brisbane Arborists. We have a solid reputation for expert tree pruning and removals based on over 40 years of providing exceptional tree services. Your trees will thank you!

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