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Tree pruning. It’s a simple enough task, right? Cut a few branches out here and there and you’re all set, job done. But while you might think you’re doing the tree good, you could actually be making it weaker, more prone to sickness and disease and shortening its life if you don’t know what to take out and why.

For pruning to be of benefit, it ideally needs to be done with an understanding of the tree’s biology and using the correct techniques or it can actually damage the tree.

Here at Aussie Tree Solutions, we get asked all the time – when is it okay to give it a go yourself and when is it best left to a professional Arborist? Here are our recommendations.

DIY Tree Pruning 

Aussie Tree Solutions DIY

If your tree pruning job ticks these boxes, you’re usually okay to give it a go yourself:

  • You are very experienced and know what to cut and why
  • You are physically up for the task
  • You only have a small tree or shrubs to prune
  • You have all of the necessary tools, equipment and safety gear for pruning. Depending on the job you’re undertaking, this can include items such as: a chainsaw, handsaw, secateurs, a pole saw, shears, gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing.
  • You are able to dispose of the branches and other debris once the pruning is done

Do keep in mind there are drawbacks to doing it yourself such as disposing of the limbs and debris after the job is completed and purchasing the appropriate equipment to carry out the job. It’s also pretty demanding, hard work and you might have something better to do with your Saturday afternoon!

Hire An Arborist

Aussie Tree Solutions Professional Arborist

In these instances, we highly recommend you hire a professional Arborist to do your tree pruning for your own personal safety, the safety of others as well as your house and property. Not to mention your tree will greatly benefit from being in expert hands.

  • You have very little or no experience with tree pruning and you really aren’t sure what you’re doing or for what reason
  • You’re not physically up to the task. Tree pruning can be very physically demanding
  • You don’t have, or don’t want to purchase the appropriate tools, equipment and safety gear to carry out the job without risk to yourself or your tree
  • You have a medium to large tree with heavy limbs that could cause significant damage
  • Your tree is located close to your house, services or other structures
  • You have very poor access to your tree
  • You don’t want the hassle or stress of doing it yourself
  • You have no way of getting rid of the branches and debris that will be left after the pruning is done

Hiring a great Arborist takes the hard work, risk and stress out of your tree maintenance, and ensures the optimum health of your trees.

Here at Aussie Tree Solutions, we’ve been providing expert tree pruning services to Brisbane households, businesses, local councils, schools and universities for over 35 years.  We provide a full suite of professional tree services including tree pruning, tree removals and consulting Arborist services. Whatever your type of tree and tree care need, we are your local team of fully insured, qualified and experienced Arborists for the job. Call now for your obligation free, professional tree service quote on (07) 3351 1722 today.

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