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Trees provide shade, increase property value, provide beauty, and have many environmental benefits, such as holding soil in place, keeping air and water clean, and providing food and shelter for wildlife. However, for many reasons, it may be necessary to have a tree removed.

Health of the Tree

Various stresses can cause a tree to decline and result in the death of branches, roots or sometimes entire trees. Dead or dying limbs may be brittle or decaying due to insect infestation, damage from high winds and storms, or extreme weather such as droughts, frosts or wildfires.

The damage caused by a diseased or dead tree falling on your house, far outweighs the cost of having it removed. Tree removals are best left to the professionals.

Professional Arborists are skilled climbers who have the proper equipment, skill and insurance. Aussie Tree Solutions have qualified Arborists who are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of tree care, tree health, and tree removals.

Site Specific

Another major cause of stress in trees, is planting them in locations they are not suited to. For example, planting sub-tropical trees in cold climates, planting trees that require full sunlight in shade, planting larger trees in confined spaces, and overcrowding.

Characteristics of a stressed tree can include weak wood disposed to frequent breakage, repeated dropping of large limbs, shallow roots that can cause damage to driveways, lawns and paths. Furthermore, overcrowding of trees causes them to compete for nutrients, water and sunlight which can weaken the tree structure and root system, making them more susceptible to insect infestations and fungi.

In many instances, the necessity for pruning can be greatly reduced or eliminated by selecting the proper plant for the location. Many stress situations can be avoided by checking with a tree care professional of different tree species and the characteristics of the area in which the tree will be planted.

Incorrect pruning techniques
Incorrect pruning techniques can shorten the life of a tree, weaken the tree structure, cause wounds that don’t heal, and provide sites for infestation, fungi and bacteria.

Improper pruning or lopping of branches can make your tree dangerous, resulting in poor branch attachment, making it hazardous to property and person. So too, ‘topping’ a tree can cause it to become unruly, weak, have a shortened life span and risk permanently damage to the tree.

Furthermore, a trained Arborist can distinguish between live and dead wood in winter. When done correctly, proper pruning enhances the natural beauty of the tree, maintains the health of the tree, and improves the quality of flowers, fruit and foliage.

Below is a photo of 23 Native ‘Ivory Curls’ ready for re-planting at a customer residence. These Native plants will be more site appropriate, encourage wildlife, and be more suited to the Queensland climate.

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