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Having a tree removed from your property can be a difficult choice. Afterall, trees can be a beautiful addition to the overall aesthetic of your home. They provide shade, and are a home for countless numbers of wildlife, so it’s easy to become attached to them. But sometimes, the tough decision needs to be made to have a tree removed.

The tree might be sick, leaning or dying and posing a safety risk to your home and family. They could also be dropping excessive debris or its roots could be damaging buildings and footpaths. If you’ve decided to have a tree removed, don’t grab the nearest chainsaw! It’s important to do it right or you could end up with a big problem on your hands, or worse.

Here, we take a look at what steps you need to take to ensure your tree is removed safely.

1. Check With Your Local Council

Aussie Tree Solutions Check With Your Local Council

Firstly, it is absolutely critical that you speak to your local council and find out if you have permission to have the tree removed at all. Rules and regulations vary from council to council, and a number of factors are taken into consideration. The species of the tree, the size of the tree, whether the tree is considered a ‘significant’ tree for the area and whether there is wildlife living in the tree, are all things that will be assessed.

Trees may be protected under the Natural Assets Local Law (NALL), often without a homeowner’s knowledge. In these cases, council will have strict regulations around the tree’s removal that must be adhered to, or your council may advise that the tree cannot be removed at all. They may also ask that you get a permit before having any work done.  

Not following the regulations can result in very serious, significant fines. So make sure you check this before any work is carried out.

2. Contact A Qualified Arborist For A Quote

Aussie Tree Solutions Qualified Arborist

Once you’ve had confirmation that you have permission to remove the tree, contact a qualified Arborist to provide you with a comprehensive quote for the removal.

An Arborist will assess both your tree and your property when providing you with a quote for having the tree removed. When preparing a quote for a tree removal, the Arborist will consider:

  • The accessibility to the tree – if there is limited access it could prove difficult to get the necessary equipment to the site. Furthermore, they may need to hire specialised equipment such as a cherry picker or elevated work platform
  • The size of the tree
  • Proximity of the tree to power lines and underground services
  • Proximity of the tree to your home, garage, shed and fences as well as neighbouring properties
  • The overall health and condition of the tree
  • The existence of any active wildlife in the tree – this can mean that the tree cannot be removed at all if there is a protected species inhabiting the tree
  • The hardness of the wood – this determines how difficult the tree is to cut and chip
  • Removal of the tree stump once the tree has been cut down

Be sure that the Arborist you decide to go with is suitably qualified, experienced and insured. Check their credentials and if they have any customer testimonials that attest to their professionalism and skill.

  • Resist the urge to DIY! (man cutting own tree)

3. Resist The Urge To DIY!

Aussie Tree Solutions DIY

It may be tempting to try and do it yourself, however, it is not at all advisable when it comes to tree work. Removing a tree can be extremely dangerous to yourself, your family, your home and property. Damages can cost thousands if you get it wrong, so it’s best left to the experts who have the appropriate equipment, are suitably qualified, experienced and very importantly, insured. Even a small tree can cause significant damage if it goes wrong, so just don’t take the risk.

Take the hassle out of your tree maintenance needs and ensure your total peace of mind with Aussie Tree Solutions – your local team of professional, Brisbane Arborists. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Aussie Tree Solutions are specialists in tree removal Brisbane locals trust.  Call (07) 3351 1722 now for an obligation free tree removal and maintenance quote today.

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