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Do you know what a vegetation protection order is?

Local Councils and State Governments have the authority to protect important vegetation through a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) in accordance with local laws. These laws protect vegetation and deliver a balance between protecting the city’s environment, people, property, lifestyle and wildlife. You may require a permit to manage vegetation that is protected under these.

How do I know if my property contains protected vegetation?

A Vegetation Protection Order can apply to individual trees, groups of trees or heritage trees that add to an area’s unique landscape character. This vegetation beautifies our suburbs and streetscapes, provides cool shady relief in summer, contributes to wildlife habitat and can enhance property values. It is valued by the community and by Council, so they are afforded special protection.

Your property may have protected vegetation if it:

• Is located near or in river or a waterway corridor
• Is located in a bushland or rural area
• Contains large significant trees, even in an urban area
• Has heritage values

Having protected vegetation does not mean that you will not be able to use your land or manage the species that are protected. Councils may require an arborist report to support your application for these works.

Aussie Tree Solutions have qualified Arborists who can offer advice and support to those who have protected vegetation on their property.

Vegetation clearing may include topping, lopping, cutting down, pushing over, poisoning, burning, ringbarking, or otherwise injuring vegetation including thinning of native vegetation or the removal of dead habitat trees. Property owners should also check to ensure individual trees are not protected for local heritage values.

Aussie Tree Solutions have qualified Arborists who can assist you with your queries and provide an obligation free quote and advice in regards to your trees. Contact us today to discuss further.


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