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An Arborist, also sometimes called a tree surgeon, is a professional in the field of arboriculture, or to put it simply, they are a professional tree worker, highly skilled and trained in the area of tree care and maintenance. There are many levels of experience in this field, ranging from a tree lopper who has no formal qualifications, all the way through to a fully certified Level 5 Arborist who has completed years of study.

In Australia there are two main levels of recognised certification for qualified Arborists – Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 3, also referred to as Certificate 3, and AQF Level 5, or Certificate 5.

A Level 3 Arborist is an Arborist who has achieved certification by completing an apprenticeship with classroom and practical field-based learning. A Level 3 Arborist is a fully-qualified tradesman, just like a plumber or electrician. You would use a Level 3 Arborist for all practical aspects of arboriculture such as pruning and complex tree removal.

A Level 5 Arborist has achieved a higher qualification by completing further advanced studies in the field of arboriculture. They are considered to be an expert and can do everything a Level 3 Arborist can do, as well as provide higher-level services such as complex diagnosis of a tree’s health and offer advice for its treatment, provide written arboricultural reports (tree reports) for consideration by local council, they can advise developers on how to be environmentally conscious by having minimal impact on surrounding trees during construction work, and they can identify and diagnose highly specific issues with a tree such as nitrogen deficiency for example and advise on the best treatments which may include tree injections, decompaction or fertilisation. If you have a protected tree or if you have a tree dispute between yourself and your neighbours, a Level 5 Arborist can help provide a detailed solution for a potentially complex issue. Council can stipulate that they be onsite whilst works are carried out to supervise the work to ensure the highest standards are met.

Aussie Tree Solutions Certified Arborist

Just like you wouldn’t attempt your own surgery, it’s generally not a good idea to do your tree’s surgery either! There’s a reason it takes years to become a fully certified Arborist. Don’t attempt something that’s beyond your skillset or hire a cowboy who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Get it done right, by a qualified professional the first time – it’s just not worth the risk.

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