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Consulting arborists are considered to be the foremost experts in the field of Arboriculture. They are highly skilled, experienced and qualified, and look to ensure the health, safety and, where possible, preservation of trees. Consulting arborists are normally hired for highly specialised or complex jobs. They are generally less ‘hands on’ than commercial Arborists who will carry out the actual tree work.

So What Exactly Does A Consulting Arborist Do?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Does An Arborist Do?

A Consulting Arborist may be asked to consult on the best course of action concerning trees that are present on planning and development sites or they may be asked to provide expert advice where there are legal disputes between parties concerning trees or a single tree on a property for example. Another common task is writing comprehensive tree reports, evaluations and management plans where there is a ‘significant’ tree or where development may be occurring and trees will be impacted.

A Consulting Arborist may be asked to provide legal testimony relating to a tree or trees, and are hired when a significant level of knowledge and authority is required, as action will be carried out in accordance with their testimony.

What Do You Need To Be A Consulting Arborist?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Do You Need

In terms of specific personality traits and skills there are a few key characteristics that will set you up for success in this field. Ideally you would have great communication skills, be personable and articulate, as you will be speaking with a broad range of people from all walks of life and you will need to convey often complex information in a way that is easily understood. You will need excellent written communication skills also, as you will often be required to write detailed reports that may go to local governments or professional bodies for example, so a level of professionalism in this area is absolutely necessary.

This level of the industry is best suited to those that are truly passionate about the science and industry of arboriculture, and who are dedicated to constant learning and furthering their knowledge base. Arboriculture is a relatively new area of study where there are constantly new findings and shifting recommendations, so a thirst for knowledge and learning is ideal. It’s also important to note that a lot of the work done by Consulting Arborists is often done at a desk in an office and not outdoors up a tree which can be seen as either a positive or a negative depending on your perspective.

A Passion For Trees And Ensuring Optimum Tree Health

And a big, and probably most important prerequisite to becoming an amazing Consulting Arborist is a love of all things trees!

Consulting Arborists are the best in their field and are called on to provide expert knowledge on trees. If you have a complex situation involving a tree don’t make the mistake of trying to DIY as you could end up with a major disaster on your hands. There’s a reason it takes years of study and experience to reach this level. For the optimum health of your tree, the safety of your family, home and property, don’t take the risk – hire the professionals.

Work With Qualified Professionals

If you need the services of a Consulting Arborist, Aussie Tree Solutions can help. We have two, full-time Consulting Arborists on our team who can provide expert advice to local government bodies, councils, commercial developers and private individuals alike.

If you need the best of the best, call us now for a free quote on a Consulting Arborist service from Aussie Tree Solutions.

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