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Trees are beautiful and often much-loved additions to our gardens, but just like us, trees can and do get sick, and can become hazards. If you suspect there could be something wrong with a tree in your yard, it’s advisable to seek the opinion of a professional Arborist as soon as possible who can carry out what’s called a tree assessment. Here we take a look at what exactly a tree assessment is and when it’s advisable to get one.

What Is A Tree Assessment?

A tree assessment is a visual evaluation of a tree’s health and potential risk that is carried out by a certified Arborist. Assessments are done to determine how likely a branch or the entire tree, is to fail or fall and the subsequent impacts of that failure. This then establishes whether the tree poses an immediate risk to people or property and what actions should follow to mitigate that risk.

What Is Involved With A Tree Assessment?

Aussie Tree Solutions What's Involved

Your Arborist will consider a number of factors when carrying out the assessment to provide a complete and comprehensive picture of the tree’s overall health and risk level. Some of these factors include:

  • The species of the tree
  • The condition of the tree bark
  • The tree’s history – has there been previous limb loss or failure?
  • Any evidence of pest infestation
  • Soil conditions surrounding the tree
  • The density of the canopy
  • Leaf colouring and overall vigour
  • The amount of deadwood present in the tree
  • If the tree has healed well from any previous pruning wounds
  • The location of the tree and it’s surroundings
  • Presence of wildlife

Your Arborist may be able to carry out the assessment from the ground or depending on the size and location of the tree, they may require specialist equipment such as a cherry picker to provide an accurate report.

Once the comprehensive assessment is completed, the Arborist will determine how likely the tree or its branches are to fail and the impacts of this. If the tree does not need to be removed, your Arborist will advise the best course of action to keep your tree safe and healthy. Whilst Arborists aim to do their utmost to save trees where they can, if it’s a question of weighing up the risk to people’s safety and removing the tree, safety always comes first.

When You Should Get A Tree Assessment

Aussie Tree Solutions When You Should Get A Tree Assessment

It’s advisable to have your local, trusted Arborist carry out a tree assessment if you notice any of the below signs:

  • Your tree is suddenly leaning
  • You have a tree that is very near to your house or other structures, power lines or other services
  • Your tree has significant cracks in the trunk
  • The tree’s bark is peeling
  • Presence of cavities or holes
  • Loss of limbs
  • Significant amount of deadwood
  • Significant or increasing loss or discolouration of leaves
  • Presence of fungus on the tree itself or on the surrounding soil
  • Evidence of pest infestation
  • The crown of your tree is thinning out
  • You are concerned and would like peace of mind that your tree is safe

Why You Should Hire Aussie Tree Solutions To Carry Out Your Tree Assessment

Aussie Tree Solutions Hire Us

If you need a professional tree assessment, call Brisbane’s Aussie Tree Solutions today. We’ve been providing expert tree services to Brisbane and the surrounding area for over forty years. Let our team of qualified, experienced Arborists provide you with a comprehensive assessment that leaves no stone left unturned, for your total peace of mind.

Whatever your tree issue, we’ve got the solution here at Aussie Tree Solutions. Whether it’s tree pruning, tree removals, stump grinding or you’re after some beautiful forest mulch, we’ve got you covered.

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