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What is an Arborist and what exactly are the qualified to do?

An Arborist is a person who studies the management and cultivation of woody plants. Arborists can also be referred to as a Tree Surgeon or Tree Doctor. They are trained to be able to identify certain species of trees and shrubs. Furthermore, they can determine the appropriate care and needs for each particular variety.

Once certified they can apply their knowledge and provide invaluable advice and consulting services which include:

– Tree preservation and sustainability
– Tree hazards and associated risks
– Site assessments
– Management and pruning specifications
– Identification and Protection of trees (VPO’s – Vegetation and protection orders)
– Formal tree reports

A little bit of History of how Arboriculture came about…

We owe changes and improvements to the standard of arboriculture practices due to a man named Dr Alex Shigo. The late Dr Shigo spent years studying tree decay and his extent of knowledge and research gave way to more in-depth and broader research into tree biology.

One notable discovery of his work was something which he named ‘Compartmentalisation’ of decay in trees. This came about after being able to prepare and study longitudinal sections of trees. He noticed that trees have ways to walling off decaying tissues by the separate layers of bark presented on a tree.

A tree has the outer bark, inner bark, cambian cell layer, sapwood and heartwood. If a tree has been wounded or is diseased and decaying, these layers start to seal off or compartmentalize the wounded area. Therefore these layers help a tree so sustain and prolong its life.

Due to this factor, correct pruning cuts are part of the training for a qualified arborist. Trees do not in fact ‘heal’ like the skin of a person who may sustain a cut. As a result, when a tree is wounded it reacts by protecting the healthy layer by sealing off the layer that has been affected.

If you need an arborist, we are here to help!

Aussie Tree Solutions has two employees who hold a Diploma of Arboriculture (Level 5) and are members of the Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA). Additionally, we have a number of staff members who hold their Certificate III in Arboriculture. We continue to train all our staff members so they reach their full potential.

Our Consultants are here to help if you require a tree to be surveyed. We are able to provide you with a report and an assessment of the tree – contact us today.

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