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When you have a tree removed, you are still left with the remaining stump in the ground. It’s generally a good idea to remove the stump, for a number of reasons. Stumps can encourage pests and disease which can spread to other trees and plants, they can be tripping hazards, they’re tricky to mow and garden around and they’re not usually the prettiest things to look at.

One of the options available to you when removing a stump is a process called stump grinding. Here we take a look at what exactly stump grinding is, what’s involved and how it works, so you can figure out if it’s for you.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a process that utilises a piece of specialist machinery called a stump grinder. An operator expertly moves the incredibly sharp, powerful blade over the stump, essentially shredding or ‘grinding’ the wood of the stump down into fine wood chips.  This takes the stump down to below ground level – (industry standard is at least 300mm), and removes the main root ball, which reduces the risk of the tree reshooting and in most cases, means the soil is ready to be replanted.

Grinders come in a large range of sizes, and the size of the grinder used will depend on the size of your stump.

When Can Stump Grinding Be Done?

Aussie Tree Solutions When Can Stump Grinding Be Done

Stump grinding can be carried out when conditions will allow. When done by professionals, an inspection is usually carried out that will assess these things:

  • Is the area safe to work?
  • Are there any services running directly under or near the stump?
  • Are there any hazards present?
  • Is the ground solid enough to allow for the weight of the grinder?
  • How large is the stump – to determine the grinder that will be required for the job
  • Can the stump be accessed and does the site allow space for the machine to be brought onsite?

What Are The Benefits Of Stump Grinding?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Are The Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Some of the many benefits of stump grinding are:

  • It prevents an unwanted tree from growing back
  • It’s a fast process that’s very effective
  • It’s an environmentally friendly process
  • It doesn’t use harsh chemicals
  • It’s generally a fairly low-cost solution for stump removal
  • It won’t make a big mess of your yard like when using other pieces of machinery
  • Your yard is left ready to re-plant

Can I do It Myself?

While stump grinders are usually available to hire, those that are available to hire by homeowners are usually much smaller and less powerful than those used by professionals, so may not be able to do the job at all.

It’s important to note that stump grinding can be highly dangerous. The blades are extremely sharp, sharp enough to chip wood, so imagine what that could do to you? There’s also the risk of flying debris and rocks.

Like most tree work, it’s usually best done by the professionals, but if you are going to attempt to do it yourself, do so with extreme caution. It is critical that you wear protective clothing and safety glasses, completely clear the area around the stump before starting the machine, and strictly follow all operating instructions for the machine.

Stay Safe

Stump grinding is dangerous. So why take the risk? Leave it to us at Aussie Tree Solutions – your team of reliable, experienced experts. We can safely and efficiently remove any sized stump from almost any location, and we come backed with 35 years of experience. Plus, we remove all the mess once the job is done. Easy!

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