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You could be forgiven for not giving much thought to your trees – I mean, they look okay…right? However regular tree maintenance is essential to ensuring tree health and longevity, making them stronger and less prone to failure. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of regular tree maintenance.

1. Safety

Aussie Tree Solutions Safety

One of the primary reasons for regular tree maintenance is safety. The safety of you and your family, your neighbours and guests as well as your home and property.

Trees can fall prey to a number of maladies such as various diseases and pest infestation, they can develop weak branches and structural issues and they can be adversely affected by extreme weather conditions. All of these issues impact a tree’s strength, structural integrity and stability. Regular inspections, pruning and maintenance can identify and address potential issues before they become a serious risk to people and property.

2. Promotes Tree Health And Vigour

Regular maintenance such as pruning, watering, mulching, fertilisation and disease and pest management contribute to the overall health of trees. Pruning for example, removes dead, dying and diseased branches making a tree less susceptible to further infestation and damage, helps increase airflow and light penetration, stimulates new growth and helps maintain the structural integrity of the tree. And a healthier tree is a safer tree.

3. Property Value And Aesthetics

Aussie Tree Solutions Property Value & Aesthetics

Beautiful, healthy, thriving trees add to the value of your property. And a beautiful, well-maintained tree is obviously far more aesthetically pleasing than one that is not. Well looked after trees create a great first impression, increasing curb appeal and making the whole property more desirable. This being the case, regular tree maintenance isn’t just an expense but an investment that could yield substantial returns if you ever want to sell.

4. Prevents Damage To Your Property

When trees are left to grow without any maintenance, it’s often your roof, paths, shed or car that can pay the price. Weak branches can easily fail and fall causing thousands of dollars of damage, overgrown tree roots can wreak havoc and sick trees can fall over in severe weather. All of these things can be avoided with proper tree care and maintenance done right by a qualified Arborist, who can spot issues before they become a major problem.

5. Reduces Your Liability

Aussie Tree Solutions Reduces Your Liability

Regular tree maintenance reduces your potential liability as a homeowner through damage caused by trees. As we’ve pointed out, a healthy tree is a stronger tree and a stronger tree is less at risk of falling over. A well-maintained tree is also less likely to have dead, heavy branches that can fall and cause damage, meaning your far less likely to have to fork out to get Jim next door a new ride on mower when your tree drops an enormous limb on top of it.

6. Long-Term Cost Saving

While some might argue that tree care and maintenance is an unnecessary expense, it is actually a sound and logical investment in the health and longevity of the tree, which could save you a great deal of money down the track. Addressing issues early can prevent the need for more extensive, sometimes invasive interventions later on. A simple, regular pruning for example, could be the difference between you having a beautiful, thriving tree or one that is dead, at risk of falling on your house or needing to be removed at a considerable cost.

Work With Professional Arborists

Aussie Tree Solutions Work With Professional Arborists

Give your trees the very best in care and hire a professional Arborist to carry out regular maintenance. They will be able to quickly spot any issues, expertly do what’s best for you and your tree safely and effectively, and quite possibly the most valuable thing – provide you with peace of mind that your trees are healthy and safe.

Give your trees the very best care and speak to the team at Aussie Tree Solutions today. Our team of professionals have been providing Brisbane residents, businesses, schools and universities a full range of tree care services from tree pruning to stump grinding, mulch to tree removals.  We come backed with a forty-year history of safety, quality and reliability. Give our friendly team a call today for your free quote.

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