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You had a tree removed in your backyard – now what? Do you grind it down or do you leave it there to stand the test of time? After all, it’s just a tree stump, right? What harm can it do?

Our team of professionals at Aussie Tree Solutions have put together some points worth considering when deciding whether or not to remove a tree stump from your property.


Rethinking Tree Stumps

Most of us like to think that tree stumps are not as intrusive as trees and must pose no harm to us whatsoever. A stump can’t hold small critters nor can they be a problem during storms. Why spend more dollars when you can just keep a stump and leave it as is?

In reality, tree stumps, when left untreated, are just problems waiting to happen. The tree stump you have now in your backyard may just be a stump, but can lead to unwanted events in the future. At the end of the day, it really is just a matter of time.


Top Reasons For Stump Grinding


1. Possibility Of Accidents 

Aussie Tree Solutions Possibility Of Accidents

You kept your tree stump when you bought your house with your spouse. Now that you have young children carelessly running everywhere, is it still safe having a stump around? This also goes for other family and friends that have problems with mobility. A stump is just a stump until it causes falls, cuts, and bruises.

Accidents can happen everywhere, and keeping a tree stump in your yard is just you inviting danger with open arms. Because it blends in with your everyday life, you and your family would not even register the stump anymore up until the accident. Maybe one of the children sprint to the house and trip over the stump. Maybe you’re too busy doing chores that you forget it exists. Having a stump is not safe for families, especially those who love spending a lot of time enjoying the outdoors.


2. Attracts Bugs and Pests 

Aussie Tree Solutions Attracts Bugs And Pests

This is probably the more obvious reason why. Unlike a fully-grown tree, a stump doesn’t have the capability to turn water into nutrients. Instead, the stump becomes damp, which inevitably leads to decay.

And while some types of wood take a longer time to rot than others, the fact still stands: this new moist environment is a perfect nesting ground for ants, beetles, and most notably, termites. All the money you supposedly saved from a tree stump removal has been tripled by the additional pest control costs.


3. Promotes New Tree Growth

Aussie Tree Solutions Promotes New Tree Growth

Most of us cut down trees for one reason: landscaping. You didn’t quite like how that tree shaded the house or you were worried that it would pose dangers during stormy season. Either way, you thought it best to have the tree dealt with once and for all.

Only problem is, you left the stump in the ground. Think of it like this: you can solve a problem many times but if you don’t get to the root of it, you’ll only be dealing with an unending cascade of troubles. Apply the same metaphor to your tree stump. An unrooted stump means the possibility of new tree growth around the area and more problems in the future.


4. It Obstructs Your Lawn 

Aussie Tree Solutions Obstructs Your Lawn

How many times have you told yourself, “Eh, I’ll just mow around it” or “I’ll just set up the barbecue around it”. How tricky was it to set up all those outdoor gatherings all because of one tree stump?

No matter how imperceptible it is to you (supposedly), the fact of the matter still stands: it is a physical object that is in the middle of your lawn. Daily chores become a teensy bit more challenging because you have to manoeuvre around it.


Stump Grinding: Do It Myself or Hire A Professional? 

Aussie Tree Solutions Hire A Professional

It’s time to stop beating around the bush. Now that you have decided to get your tree stump removed, it’s important to understand why getting a professional stump grinder is your best choice. It boils down to two things:



Removing a tree stump from the ground isn’t as simple as chopping down firewood. You may have some top-grade equipment fit to do the job but it’s crucial that you at least consult a professional before tackling this task.

Uprooting a stump requires a specific kind of knowledge and skills – one that is reliant on years of experience as a trader. Anything could happen during the removal process, and one small problem could easily lead to a thousand. A professional stump grinder is equipped with the information and tools to deal with this kind of problem, and more.



You left your tree stump alone for years because you thought it would take so much time out of your day. Good news is, it only takes a couple of hours to make your lawn flawless.

Trying to remove the stump on your own can take days, even weeks, of figuring out the right techniques. On the other hand, hiring a professional such as Aussie Tree Solutions is as easy as getting a free quote, meeting up with the team, and getting the job done. Call us at (07) 3351 1722 to get in touch with a tree removal specialist today!

*All tree work should be done in accordance to local council regulations. Before conducting any tree work please contact either your local council or tree specialists for the latest regulations. Aussie Tree Solutions are professional tree removal, pruning and maintenance experts. For any questions relating these services, please call Aussie Tree Solutions on 07 3351 1722. 

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