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As bushfire seasons here in Australia become increasingly unpredictable and destructive, it becomes more and more crucial to take proactive measures to safeguard your home and property. Preparing your trees is a key part of creating a defence against potential bushfire. Here we take a look at some essential steps for bushfire tree preparation to help minimise your risk of damage.

1. Arborist Inspections

Aussie Tree Solutions Arborist Inspections

Give your local Arborist a call and organise for them to do a full inspection of the trees on your property. The Arborist will highlight potential threats, identify dead or at-risk trees as well as any branches that need to be pruned and what the best course of action is to minimise your bushfire risk.  Your Arborist will also spot any trees that are diseased, infested with pests or structurally weak. Schedule regular inspections to keep on top of your tree maintenance.

2. Regular Tree Pruning And Maintenance

Regular pruning is critical to preventing fire risk. Be sure to have any branches that are overhanging your roof, or that are close to powerlines pruned, as these can provide easy pathways for fire to reach your home. Have dead or dying branches removed regularly as they can act as fuel for fire. You may also wish to have the canopy of your trees thinned out. If you do have trees withing close proximity to your house, depending on their size and density you may wish to have them removed or relocated. Ask your Arborist for their advice.

3. Remove Dead Trees 

Aussie Tree Solutions Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees on your property are like tinder for a bushfire. Have dead trees removed without delay, not only for bushfire risk but also because they pose a general risk for other weather events or strong winds.

4. Choose Fire Resistant Trees

When selecting trees, it’s a great idea to go for fire-resistant species. There are some tree species that are more flammable than others such as eucalypts, so where possible, opt for hardwood species that are more fire resistant.

5. Clean Up, Put Away And Keep It Short

Aussie Tree Solutions Clean Up
  • Do a full tidy up of your yard, gutters, roof, downpipes and drains. Remove all debris such as leaves, branches, grass clippings, sticks and bark.
  • Keep the area immediately surrounding your house clear of flammable materials such as firewood, mulch, cardboard and paper.
  • Store any flammable liquids in non-combustible containers where possible and store as far from your house as possible.
  • Keep your grass short and neat as fire can quickly sweep through long grass and spread rapidly.

6. Water

Moist soil and well hydrated trees will be more resistant to fire. Be sure to adequately water your trees, especially during particularly dry periods.

7. Firebreaks

Aussie Tree Solutions Firebreak

Having a firebreak or greenbelt can help slow or even stop a bushfire. A fire break is a gap or ‘break’ in vegetation that basically acts as a barrier to a bushfire. It is particularly recommended if your property backs onto bushland or you live on acreage where there is a lot of trees. The fire break does need to be large enough to be effective so if you’re at all unsure, you can ask your local fire station for their professional advice.

A greenbelt is a well-irrigated area with vegetation that is considered to be of low flammability risk which can act as a buffer of sorts between your property and a bushfire.

8. Be Prepared 

As with most things, always be prepared.

  • Make sure your hose is long enough to reach the boundaries of your property
  • Keep informed on any fire ban warnings
  • Have a fire plan and make sure everyone in your family knows exactly what to do and where to go in the event of a bushfire

Work With The Professionals At Aussie Trees

Aussie Tree Solutions Tree Care And Maintenance

If you are looking for the very best in bushfire tree preparation services, look no further than Aussie Tree Solutions. We have been looking after Brisbane trees for over forty years, and come backed with a solid reputation for safety and quality workmanship. From our expert Consulting Arborist services to tree pruning and tree removals, whatever your tree issue, we’ve got the solution. Call Aussie Tree Solutions for a free quote on our professional tree consulting and maintenance services today.

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