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Environmental Responsibility

Championing Green Practices: Our Dedication To A Sustainable Future


Going Cleaner & Greener

Aussie Tree Solutions Making An Impact


When a tree is removed by Aussie Tree Solutions from your property, you can choose a free seedling native to QLD! Our crew will plant your seedling in a suitable location on your property, when arranged. Ask our quoting arborists when they visit your site or our office staff for more information!

Aussie Tree Solutions is nurturing healthy trees to help clean the air and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Whenever client trees are removed, we are helping to re-plant trees in the Daintree Rainforest (northern QLD) in partnership with B1G1 (Business for Good). This is another way we can support a thriving environment that’s good for our planet and good for you!

Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility


Healthy Trees, Better Planet


We have sustainable environmental objectives and targets that we’re working towards to be a responsible and sustainable employer into the future.

By following our certified Environmental Management System Aussie Tree Solutions demonstrates its ongoing commitment to be a clean and green tree company. We have also undertaken the ecoBiz program through the Business Chamber Qld to identify ways we can become more energy and waste efficient. We’re taking steps at our depot and offices towards more environmentally friendly vehicles, electric operated plant and equipment and reducing paper usage to help our planet.




Aussie Tree Solutions wants to make a positive impact upon the environment and one way we can create positive change is by joining with B1G1 – businesses doing good around the world to help make a better world together. Each time trees are removed in South East Qld, we support trees being re-planted in the Daintree Rainforest, northern Queensland. It’s our way of encouraging a thriving and sustainable environment on our planet! You can find out more about B1G1 by visiting their website and by supporting businesses trying to make positive impacts for a brighter future.

Aussie Tree Solutions Mulch Delivered


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.


We recycle tree branches and cut debris into mulch you can use in your garden. Just ask our office team to join our Mulch Waiting List to receive cheap or free garden mulch, we’ll even deliver your mulch to your location! This saves mulch being added to landfill unnecessarily.
We’ve also become members of the Aspire Circular Economy, which is a platform where businesses can exchange their waste as a useful resource. It’s another way Aussie Tree Solutions demonstrates their commitment to embracing sustainable business practices!

ASPIRE Member Certificate

We recycle our tree logs and other companies’ unwanted tree logs and cut them into firewood, to help keep you warm during the cooler nights.  

We also recycle any drink cans and bottles at the depot, keeping them for our local Scouts group to cash. It’s another way we can support our planet and keep our depot cleaner!

Quality ISO 9001 | Environment ISO 14001 | OHS ISO 45001


ISO Certifications


At Aussie Tree Solutions, we embrace the pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence. As a testament to our unwavering dedication, our management systems have been awarded three significant ISO registrations:

• ISO 9001 Quality
• ISO 14001 Environmental, and
• ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

This certification demonstrates our firm commitment to change for the better and our resolute focus on elevating our management system standards across various aspects of our operations.

By adhering to our ISO 14001 certified Environmental management system standards, we aim to provide assurance that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. It affirms our commitment to measuring and improving our environmental performance, ensuring that we operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.

By following our ISO 9001 certified Quality management system standards, you can be confident of our commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations while continuously improving our internal processes and procedures.

By ensuring our certified ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety management system standards are met, our dedication to safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of our workforce is formalised. This certification demonstrates our proactive approach to identifying and managing occupational health and safety risks, providing a safe and secure work environment for our employees and clients.

By holding these management systems registered to ISO accreditation, Aussie Tree Solutions is setting the stage for a better future, for our stakeholders, the environment and the communities we serve. We believe that by implementing these standards, we can drive change, promote sustainability and make positive impacts in our industry and the world.


Tree Stump Seating For Kids


Aussie Tree Solutions takes pride in contributing to the local community by providing small tree logs and “biscuits” to local schools, kindergartens, scout facilities, childcare centres and social enterprises.

These small tree logs serve as delightful seating options for children, low and stable to the ground. By repurposing these natural elements, we not only provide a unique and rustic seating solution but also promote outdoor interaction and a connection with nature.

Biscuits are thin slices of branches that can be used for art activities and painting. (insert picture) Children love to decorate these and they make wonderful gifts! If your school, centre or social enterprise needs small tree logs or biscuits for children, please contact our office for details and availability.

Tree Stump Biscuit Seating For Local Kids
Aussie Tree Solutions Environmental Policy


Our Environmental Policy


Aussie Tree Solutions are dedicated to building a sustainable future and minimising the environmental impact of our business operations. With this purpose in mind, we have established an Environmental Policy that guides our organization and sets the framework for our actions.

Compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations is of utmost importance to us, as we strive to operate in accordance with applicable laws. Continual improvement is a core value at Aussie Tree Solutions and we actively seek opportunities to enhance our environmental performance. Through training and education, we empower our employees to become champions of sustainability and advocate for responsible practices in our industry.

We are committed to developing innovative and sustainable services, encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly practices by our suppliers and practicing sustainable procurement. Our dedication extends to the efficient use of finite resources such as paper, energy, fuel and water.

To ensure accountability and transparency, we measure and periodically report on our progress towards our sustainability goals. By communicating our Environmental Policy and Statement of Commitment during general induction training for new employees, we ensure that every member of our team understands the significance of environmental responsibility and how it relates to their roles within our organisation.

We acknowledge that significant environmental impacts may arise from our operations and we proactively evaluate all potential impacts, both internal and external. We consider these impacts as Significant Environmental Aspects if they can be influenced by Aussie Tree Solutions, are subject to regulation, have the potential for considerable magnitude, or are likely to be perceived as significant by our valued customers and clients.

Through our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, Aussie Tree Solutions strives to be a leader in sustainability, making a positive difference in our industry and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Supporting Our Local



Aussie Tree Solutions is passionate about building strong communities across South East QLD and we work hard so our local families can grow stronger. And just like tree branches grow strong and reach out to others, Aussie Tree Solutions is reaching out to help where we can.

We firmly believe in the importance of supporting and giving back to our local community. Over the years, we have formed meaningful partnerships with various organisations and groups that make a positive impact in our area. Some recent sponsorships and partnerships include:

Helping the Homeless and Disadvantaged

Aussie Tree Solutions Supports The Breakfast Club THE BREAKFAST CLUB (REDCLIFFE)
Fighting homelessness by providing meals, resources and support to
individuals and families in need.

Supporting Sporting Teams

Aussie Tree Solutions Supports Mitchelton Football Club MITCHELTON FOOTBALL CLUB
Promoting the values of sportsmanship, fair play and respect, both on and off the field.
 Aussie Tree Solutions SupportsAustralian Police Golden Wallopers Rugby RUGBY WALLOPERS – AUSTRALIAN POLICE
Providing support to families of officers who have lost their lives or experienced debilitating injuries while serving.
Aussie Tree Solutions Supports Samford Stags SAMFORD STAGS
Fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where kids can develop their skills and form lasting friendships.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Aussie Tree Solutions Supports Young Diggers RAEMUS ROVER 

Helping injured and ill ex-defence men and woman transition to civilian life.
Aussie Tree Solutions Sponsors DMWD DON’T MESS WITH DRUGS
Helping prevent drug misuse and abuse, with a particular focus on young people.

Encouraging A Thriving Planet

Big1 Business For Good Aussie Tree Solutions B1G1 – Doing Business For Good
Supporting and creating positive environmental impacts in the Daintree Rainforest, QLD


Aussie Tree Solutions Local Community Support


Happy Clients


We value the positive feedback our customers give us. See why Aussie Solutions are the trusted choice for tree removal services in Brisbane.

Aussie Tree Solutions Team Of Arborists In Brisbane

From the prompt email response, to Mike’s appraisal of our VPO trees and then the team who came to do the cutting, we couldn’t fault them one step of the way. Very professional, competitive pricing, courteous to a fault and cleaned up the debris. Got the giggles when our next door neighbour’s five year old said, “You’re very brave” to the guy up our 30m ironbark.

Marion Webb


These guys came saw and conquered! Neat efficient job completed by the crew from Aussie Tree Solutions in record time considering the tricky work environment around the pool area. Courteous to a fault, I would recommend them to anyone!
Elena Sgorlon

Moreton Bay

I just wanted to say that the guys did an absolutely great job yesterday … and although it’s extremely windy today we are getting NO fallen leaves and pods on the lawn … plus, we have so much more light and sunshine … perfect.

Chris Hawkins


Colleen Price
Colleen Price
Excellent work guys, no worries
Grahame Wicks
Grahame Wicks
Most professional service. I wouldn't use any other.
Phil Hammond
Phil Hammond
This team are brilliant. Went above and beyond and left our place spotless. 10 out of 10
Cam Walsh
Cam Walsh
Great service and prompt response with my request. Highly recommend.
Rory Broesder
Rory Broesder
Highest reccomendations possible. I had an urgent job that needed to be dealt with, within the hour. They made it happen. You won't find arborists more committed to customer service, anywhere. These guys are next-level!


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