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Have a tree that needs serious removal? More adventurous homeowners might look at this as an opportunity for a DIY project, while others might opt for the professional touch instead. So which is better when it comes to tree removal: doing it yourself or hiring the professionals? This article is here to help you find out!

DIY Tree Removal: Benefits 

Aussie Tree Solutions DIY

  • Get Some Exercise and Fresh Air: If you’re the type who is stuck in the office all day, then a weekend of tree removal in your yard might be good for you. It will be a rare opportunity to get some nice fresh air and work your muscles as you go through the process of sawing off branches and cleaning up your yard.
  • Save Costs On Hiring Professionals: It’s always a good idea to decide to save instead of spend, and when it comes to DIY tree removal, that’s exactly the kind of cost-saving opportunity frugal homeowners love. DIY tree removal keeps your wallet untouched (assuming you already have the necessary equipment).
  • Learn New Skills: Who doesn’t love learning new skills? If it’s your first time removing a tree on your own, then you’re bound to learn new skills on the way.

But remember: research and safety are absolutely critical. You need to spend hours and hours going through as much material as you can find on proper tree removal practices. For example, do you know the differences between cutting a small tree vs a cutting a large one? Here’s an example of the kind of nuances you have to know when cutting your own trees:


Tree Removal: Differences Between Small And Large Trees 

Aussie Tree Solutions Differences


The first and most important point is your equipment preparation. You will need a small chainsaw, a large chainsaw, a wood chipper, and a stump grinder for both small and large trees. However, larger trees will require some extra equipment.

This includes a cherry picker to give you the height you need, a pole pruner for hard-to-reach branches, and a log splitter to cut up the bigger pieces of wood. Larger trees require more preparation, both in terms of safety and equipment.


Preparing the Fall

The point of any tree removal job is to cut away the tree, and that means you have to prepare for the fall from the start. Smaller trees (those that can fall on your priority without any risk of damaging anything) can be handled with a small chainsaw. Just cut out a wedge at one side of the base, and place a hinge cut on the other side. The first cut, the wedge, should be in the intended direction of the fall.

For larger trees, you will need to remove the branches before starting to cut through the trunk. If the tree is too big for your property, you will need to cut the trunk piece by piece. This means starting high with the cherry picker, removing a top quarter of the tree, and slowly moving down.


Cutting Up the Pieces

After cutting up your tree, you will need to start breaking down the remaining pieces. For smaller trees with smaller branches, just simply feed your branches into the wood chipper; if they’re too big, just cut them up until they can be safely pushed into the chipper.

Larger trees, however, will require a bit more work. You will need a log splitter to cut the bigger parts of the tree that the wood chipper can’t handle. But remember: a log splitter is a very dangerous piece of machinery, and should only be operated by someone who absolutely knows what they’re doing.


Hiring The Professionals: Benefits     

Aussie Tree Solutions Hiring The Professionals

  • Save On Cost: While it’s true that DIY tree removal can save you the cost of hiring a professional, it also means you need to spend so much more just on buying all the necessary equipment for both cutting and safety. Hiring the professionals entitles you to a service that is already well-equipped with all the best tools of the trade.
  • Guaranteed Great Job: There’s nothing more annoying than having to do a job twice, simply because it was done ineffectively the first time. With a team of professionals, you never have to think about your tree removal again. They’ll get it done the first time by doing it the right way.
  • Preserve Your Safety: Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to tree removal. Trees are massive, heavy, and dangerous, and handling the tools to take them down isn’t a walk in the park. Keep your safety intact by leaving the job to professionals who do this for a living.


Ready To Work With The Pros? Aussie Tree Solutions Is Your Answer! 

Aussie Tree Solutions Work With The Pros

DIY projects are always fun, but tree removal might just be too big, costly, and dangerous of a task to do on your own. Save your weekend (and money) doing other projects, and let our professional tree removal experts at Aussie Tree Solutions get your tree out of the way in no time at all.

We have the knowledge, experience, expertise – and most importantly, all the right equipment to get any tree removed without a single cut or scrape. Call us today for your obligation-free tree removal quote in Brisbane!

*All tree work should be done in accordance to local council regulations. Before conducting any tree work please contact either your local council or tree specialists for the latest regulations. Aussie Tree Solutions are professional tree removal, pruning and maintenance experts. For any questions relating these services, please call Aussie Tree Solutions on 07 3351 1722. 


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