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Tree pruning is one of the best ways to keep your trees strong, healthy and looking their best. Removing dead, overgrown or diseased branches and stems allows for healthy growth and reduces the risk of disease and infestation from pests. When done correctly, almost all trees will benefit from regular pruning. However, if pruning is done incorrectly it can cause deformity, weakened structural integrity and reduced health and vitality. Below are some essential tree pruning tools and tips from the professionals:

Must-Have Tree Pruning Tools

Aussie Tree Solutions Must Have Tree Pruning Tools

If you’ve got a small tree pruning job you think you can handle, it’s important that you have the right tools for the job so you don’t damage the tree.

Our list of essential tools for small tree pruning jobs include:

  • A good quality, sharp hand saw
  • A good quality pair of sharp secateurs for smaller limbs
  • Pole pruner or lopper – for high up branches
  • Hedge shears
  • Good quality gardening gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Appropriate protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt and pants

If you’re not an Arborist we recommend not attempting to use a chainsaw for obvious reasons! Chainsaws are highly dangerous, require specialised clothing for safe use and should be handled by professionals.

Tree Pruning Tool Care

Aussie Tree Solutions Tool Care

Be sure to take good care of your pruning tools. Keep them clean to prevent the spread of disease from tree to tree, by wiping them down (preferably with something containing alcohol) between trees. Be sure to sharpen tools before use to prevent damage to branches. Damaged branches are more susceptible to pests and disease.

Tree Pruning Basics

Aussie Tree Solutions Pruning Basics

Remember with pruning, it’s almost always a case of less is more! Before making any cuts, have a good look at the tree, determine what exactly you’re trying to achieve, assess the area for anything you need to avoid and make cuts accordingly. Start with any dead, broken or diseased limbs first by cutting them back to the point of origin or a strong lateral branch. Once completed, assess the tree again before making additional cuts. Excessive (and sometimes unecessary) pruning can damage and weaken the tree.

When To Call The Pros

Aussie Tree Solutions When To Call The Pros

Even with all the tree pruning tools and tricks at your disposal, tree pruning can still be highly dangerous. It’s especially dangerous when pruning large trees or in situations where there might be power lines, buildings or other services in the vicinity. In these circumstances, it’s best to leave the job to a professional who has the knowledge, equipment and experience to deal with a complex, potentially hazardous tree. You don’t want to become a statistic or damage your home or property, so don’t take the risk. Contact your local Brisbane Arborist who will correctly prune your tree and ensure its health and strength for years to come.

The Easiest & Safest Way To Prune Your Trees

Aussie Tree Solutions Easiest And Safest Way To Prune Your Trees

Save yourself time and effort by taking the hassle out of your next tree pruning. Call your local team of professional Brisbane Arborists at Aussie Tree Solutions and give your trees the optimum care and maintenance they deserve.

With a solid reputation for providing expert tree pruning or removal services for over 40 years, with Aussie Tree Solutions, you can rest assured your trees will be in experienced and capable hands. Give our friendly team a call today on (07) 3351 1722 and ask for a free, no-obligation quote today!

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