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If you’ve got a stump in your yard, you’ve more than likely thought about getting rid of it.  But you may be thinking – is it worth the cost? The short answer in most cases, is yes. Stumps can invite pests and disease into your garden, they can be tripping hazards, they’re tricky to garden and mow around and they generally look unsightly. So how much does it cost for stump grinding services here in Brisbane? The good news is that it’s probably less than you think. Here we take a look at what exactly stump grinding is and what’s involved when it comes to working out your stump grinding cost.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a process whereby a professional operator uses a specialist piece of powerful machinery called a stump grinder, to literally grind the stump down to ground level. The grinder has a cutting wheel with extremely sharp teeth which rotates at high speed, allowing it to literally shred and grind down the tree stump to ground level. Stump grinding is generally considered to be an environmentally friendly solution as no toxic poisons are used to kill the root system. Stump grinding completely removes the stump as well as the main root ball, leaving the ground clear and ready to be replanted. It’s usually a relatively clean, unintrusive process that doesn’t damage your surrounding garden or yard, unlike stump removal which can be laborious and very damaging. The grinders come in all different sizes that can be used for different trees and sites.

Factors That Influence Stump Grinding Costs

When you’re getting a quote for stump grinding, a number of factors will be assessed. The main factors are:

Aussie Tree Solutions Factors That Influence Stump Grinding Costs

Stump size

The size of the stump is one of the most influential factors for determining cost. Obviously the larger the stump, the longer it will take to grind down and clean up.

Tree species

The type of tree will dictate the hardiness of the wood and in turn, the difficulty to grind.


If the stump can be easily accessed, it will make it that much easier to bring the grinder onsite and carry out the job. The trickier the access, the greater the degree of difficulty which will more than likely impact your cost.

Site conditions

The specifics of your particular site will be assessed for the quote. The type and density of the soil, whether there are underground pipes or services below the stump, proximity to structures and gardens for example, will all be looked at.

Presence of surface roots

If you have a tree that has extensive, thick surface roots, the job will take longer to carry out.

Get In Touch With Aussie Tree Solutions For Your Stump Grinding Needs!

When hiring someone to carry out your stump grinding, be sure to hire a reputable, experienced professional who comes fully insured and make sure they carry out a full and thorough site assessment before doing any work. Aussie Tree Solutions have been providing professional stump grinding services to Brisbane residents, businesses, schools and councils for over 40 years. Our expert team can safely and efficiently remove stumps from almost all locations, including those with tricky access or challenging locations, like near to pools or on tight blocks.

We have a range of premium quality grinders that will make short work of your stump no matter how big or small. We are highly skilled and experienced, come fully insured, carry out a risk assessment before undertaking the work and completely clean up when the job is done, so you won’t even know we’ve been there! Call us now to find out more about our professional stump grinding services.

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