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Our homes are our castles and often are our biggest investment. We all want to maximise the value of our property, and there are many ways to go about doing so, but one way you may have overlooked is regular tree pruning. Here we take a closer look at just how maintaining your trees could make your house worth more.

How Do Well Cared For Trees Add Value?

1. Street Appeal

Aussie Tree Solutions Street Appeal

First impressions count, and the outside of your property is the first thing prospective buyers will see. Beautiful, strong, healthy trees contribute to the overall appeal of your property by adding aesthetic value and greatly enhancing ‘street appeal’ which means a higher property value for you.

2. Better Views

A well pruned tree can mean better views, which makes for a very compelling selling point. Expert pruning can ‘train’ a tree in a desired direction, away from something or can open up a view without negatively impacting the tree. Better views usually equals higher property value – win!

3. Energy Efficiency

Aussie Tree Solutions Energy Efficiency

Strategically pruned trees can provide a number of benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. Trees can provide significant shade in hot summers and act as windbreaks and insulators in winter, reducing your heating and cooling costs – a major selling point to potential buyers.

4. Healthier Trees

Regular, proper tree pruning promotes overall tree health and vitality by removing dead, diseased, infested or dying branches, allowing for better sunlight penetration, airflow, strength and structural integrity. Healthy, thriving trees not only look great, but also are more likely to live much longer, saving you money on potential costs down the track. Would you want to buy a house that has a half-dead tree overhanging the roof? Not really! Well cared for trees are much more appealing,

5. Safety

Aussie Tree Solutions Safety

Sick, dead or dying trees can be a major hazard and pose a significant safety risk to your home and family. A well cared for, regularly pruned tree is usually a healthier tree, which means much less risk. A safer property is also much more appealing to potential buyers.

6. Protects Your Investments

If you have invested in home improvements and landscaping features such as a pool, gardens and pathways for example, regular tree pruning can help protect those investments. Overgrown tree roots, overhanging branches, dropping leaf litter and debris can cause damage, limit usability and make a big mess. Properly pruned trees ensures your landscaping features are unobstructed, and in good condition, adding value to your property.

7. Enjoyment

Aussie Tree Solutions Enjoyment

There’s nothing like a beautiful, established tree in your backyard for your family to enjoy. Trees provide shade and shelter for backyard picnics, can be a climbing gym for the kids, a home for untold wildlife and can be a favourite feature of your outdoor space. Potential buyers will imagine spending their time outside and enjoying your healthy, vibrant tree, meaning a higher property value for you!

As you can see, regular tree pruning has a range of benefits, not to mention the health, strength and vitality of your tree. Pruning dead, dying or diseased branches can help protect from pest infestation and disease, improve structural integrity and keeps your tree looking its best. It’s critical to use the correct pruning techniques as well as the appropriate tools and equipment or you could do your tree damage.

Work With Tree Pruning Experts

Have your local, trusted Arborist take care of your next tree pruning for your total peace of mind.

Here at Aussie Tree Solutions, we have been taking care of South-East Queensland trees for over forty years. Our expert team of professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things trees and will provide the very best in care. From tree pruning to tree removals, mulch to stump grinding, whatever your tree care need, we’ve got you covered. Call Aussie Tree Solutions for a free quote on our professional tree pruning and maintenance services today.

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