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Ok. You need to get some work done on your trees so you’re looking to hire a local Brisbane Arborist. So…now what?

With so many options for tree companies out there that all seem to look the same on the surface, where do you start to make sure you get a great Arborist who won’t rip you off, damage your tree or your property or leave you with a big mess? Not all Arborists are created equally, and a bit of due diligence at the beginning of the process could save you from a major disaster and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Take a look at our easy guide to hiring the best Brisbane Arborist so you don’t get caught out.

1. Ask Questions!

Aussie Tree Solutions Ask Questions

It is absolutely critical that you ask some key questions before hiring anyone to do tree work on your property. These are the questions you need to ask your potential Arborist:

  • Is your company and your employees fully insured? Ask for proof if you’re not absolutely certain.
  • Are your Arborists certified and experienced? What level of certification do they have?
  • Do you do an on-site inspection of the tree? Quotes done by looking at a picture aren’t always accurate and it’s best to have the Arborist see your tree in person.
  • Are you looking for a free, no-obligation, written quote?
  • Do you work to current Australian standards?
  • Do I need to get a permit from the local council? Permission is required from your local council to carry out any tree work in some cases, so it’s always best to check first.
  • What equipment will you be using? You would probably want to know what will be coming onto your property and if there is potential for any damage.
  • How will the job be carried out? You should know step by step.
  • Will you remove all of the debris once the job is completed?
  • Is your company a member of any professional organisations? Whilst this is not a guarantee of good work, it’s a good sign that the company is invested in their industry, and is knowledgeable about current standards.
  • Can you provide me with customer references or testimonials? This is an obvious one, but it’s always a good sign if their customers are happy.

Any good tree company won’t have a problem answering any of these questions. It’s your home, your tree and your money, don’t feel like you can’t ask – it’s your right to know every detail.

2. Get A Quote From A Brisbane Arborist

Aussie Tree Solutions Quotes

Any good tree company will happily provide you with a free, no obligation, written quote. As with most services, it’s usually a good idea to get more than one quote so that you can compare the differences and weigh up the pros and cons. Here are a few things to look for with tree care and maintenance quotes:

  • Is the quote clear and comprehensive? Everything should be outlined from start to finish.
  • How do they propose on protecting any buildings, fences, other trees or anything close to the work being carried out?
  • Is GST included or excluded?
  • Will they be removing debris or grinding the stump once the job is completed?
  • If it’s a pruning job, have they made reference to Australian Standard for Pruning – AS4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007)
  • Itemised costs for work being carried out to make sure there are no hidden costs
  • Cheapest isn’t always best! Carefully compare all of the information in the quote and make your decision based on the skill of the Arborist and the service you will be provided. A few hundred dollars won’t seem like much if you make the wrong decision.

Once you’ve had your questions answered and you’re happy with the quote provided, you can make your decision with peace of mind.

Need A Hand With Your Trees?

When it comes to trees, it’s more often than not, best left to the professionals to provide optimum tree care. Whatever your tree care need is, we’ve got you covered at Aussie Tree Solutions. Whether it’s pruning, tree removal, stump grinding or some friendly advice from an expert Brisbane Arborist, we provide a full suite of tree care and maintenance services, and have a team of fully insured, qualified professionals. Call our friendly team today on (07) 3351 1722 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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