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Spring has sprung! And now that the cold of winter is behind us, there’s no better time (or any more excuse!) to get out into the yard. Giving your trees some love and attention this Spring will keep them happy and healthy all year round.  Here are our top spring tree care tips for strong, healthy trees.


Aussie Tree Solutions Inspect

First things first, take a good look at your trees. Look for any changes, any irregularities, anything out of the ordinary. These signs could be a symptom of sickness, disease or a pest infestation. If you’re not sure what to look for, an Arborist will be able to do a full assessment and advise you of what might need to be done.


Spring is a fantastic time to give your trees a good prune and will encourage new growth. Start by removing any dead, damaged or broken branches. It is not advisable to cut branches randomly without knowing why. Pruning requires knowledge and skill to be done correctly, when it’s not done properly, it can actually be bad for your tree. So leave it to the professionals unless you know what you’re doing, and you have the right tools and safety equipment.

Spring clean

Aussie Tree Solutions Spring Clean

Just like our homes, our yards also benefit from a good clean up and clear out at this time of year. Get rid of green waste – rake up the leaves and get rid of any other debris that may have accumulated over winter. This material can harbour and encourage fungal growth, pests and disease, so it’s best to clear it out.


Mulching your garden and around trees is great at any time of year, and Spring is no exception. Mulch has many benefits for your plants, trees and soil. Mulching helps regulate soil temperature, retains moisture, helps keep weeds and pests away and it looks and smells fantastic!

Check for pests and disease

Aussie Tree Solutions Pests

Look for signs of pests and disease in your trees. Some tell-tale signs can be holes in the trunk or branches, changes to leaves such as discolouration, lesions and thinning, loose bark on the trunk, fungus growth, dead branches and lots more. Basically anything different to the tree’s usual growth could be a sign of a problem, and should be treated as soon as possible to give the tree the best chance of survival.


Just because it’s been cold doesn’t mean your trees don’t need water. Give your garden a good drink if it’s looking dry. You want soil to be moist, not sodden.


Aussie Tree Solutions Fertiliser

You may like to use a good fertiliser at this time of year to give trees an extra boost and replace nutrients. There are lots of different types out there, try and avoid harsh chemicals where possible and use as directed for your type of tree.

Hire a professional Arborist

To give your trees the best level of care, hire a professional Arborist who will have the expert skill, knowledge, tools and equipment to safely carry out the job. Why put yourself or your tree in jeopardy? Tree work can be highly dangerous, is extremely physically demanding and requires considerable knowledge and experience to be done well.

Whatever the problem, we’ve got the solution here at Aussie Tree Solutions. We provide a full range of expert tree services from pruning and mulch to consulting services and stump grinding. We come backed with over 35 years’ experience and our team are insured, experienced and reliable. Call Aussie Tree Solutions anytime 24/7 and ask for a free quote on our tree maintenance services.

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