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South East Queensland storms can pack a punch! Dangerous storms can leave behind a trail of fallen trees or branch debris. As locals, we understand that storm season can be stressful and perilous. We’re here to help you. Ensuring that your property access is cleared of any obstruction and that your yard is returned to its original state.

Our dedicated staff are contactable at all hours to respond to life threatening situations. So, if there has been a hazardous event, we will clear fallen trees & debris from roads, buildings, residential areas and commercial properties as soon as possible.

Once we have cleared away any debris and made the property safe, we may need to return to at a later date to complete further work. This will be assessed when the actual event occurs and if there is more emergency work to respond to.

If you have storm damage and need our prompt services, please contact us on our emergency number
07 3351 1722

Are you prepared for this Storm Season?

Due to the nation of South East Queensland’s unpredictable weather, taking precautions before storm season is very important for your safety. Trees that have an unstable root system or unsecured branches, may cause havoc and be unsafe in strong winds and rain. Our team can evaluate hazardous trees and give you advice on the safety measures that can be taken.

See the following tips for Storm Season:

* Have dangerous trees inspected, pruned or removed
* Clean your gutters and down pipes
* Create an emergency plan & have emergency numbers handy
* Secure any loose objects in your yard
* Do NOT go near any fallen power lines

Finally, if you do have trees that you are concerned about and are uncertain about the costs involved, please talk to us. We have had customers in the past that have put off tree work, due to thinking that the costs would be much more then they were.

Your safety is our utmost concern so please do not hesitate to contact us or phone us on 07 3351 1722.

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