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Integrating native trees into your garden provides a number of benefits, for you as the property owner as well as the for the environment. Here we take a look at what exactly a native tree is, the benefits of going native next time you’re choosing a tree to plant on your property as well as our top native tree care tips.

What Is A Native Tree?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Is A Native Tree

A native tree is a tree that has occurred naturally or that has existed in a specific area for a significant period of time, sometimes hundreds of years.  Native trees have established complex relationships with local wildlife, soil microbes and other plant species and as such, have adapted to and flourish in, the naturally occurring conditions. A native tree is a part of the balance of nature in a specific region or ecosystem, making them a great choice for sustainable landscaping.

Some of the most popular native tree species in Australia are:

  • Banksia
  • Bottlebrush
  • Lilly Pilly
  • Wattle Trees
  • Illawarra Flame Tree
  • Grevillea
  • Blueberry Ash
  • Golden Penda
  • Brush Box
  • Lemon Scented Myrtle

What Are The Benefits Of Planting Native Trees?

There are numerous benefits to planting native trees over non-natives. Some of these benefits are:

They Are Great For The Environment

• Native trees have a positive impact on the local ecosystem by providing a home and food source for native wildlife including birds, insects and mammals.
• Native trees play a major part in maintaining healthy biodiversity. They help preserve the genetic integrity of the local flora and fauna, promoting a balanced and resilient ecosystem.
• Native trees are non-invasive as opposed to non-native trees.
• They can improve soil health by preventing soil erosion with their deep root systems.

They Can Save You Time, Effort And Money!

• Native trees are less likely to need fertilisers, pesticides and excessive water, so generally have lower maintenance costs.
• Native trees are better adapted to the local conditions and therefore better able to survive without intervention – so less work for you!
• They’re better able to survive extreme weather conditions and are naturally drought resistant, so you won’t need to water them as much.
• Often native trees have a better chance of survival than non-native trees so are potentially a better investment.

Form And Functional Benefits

• Native trees are beautiful and have major aesthetic appeal. This may be because they are naturally adapted to their environment and look like they ‘belong’ in the landscape.
• Native trees can be highly functional and can be used for shade, shelter, privacy screens as well as for soil stabilisation.

Native Tree Care Tips

Aussie Tree Solutions Care Tips

Be sure to consider your specific conditions when choosing a native tree for your property. Think about things like the size of the space you have available, the soil type, how much sunlight there is, exposure to elements and proximity to structures. Take the time to find a tree that is suited to your wants as well as your conditions and available space. Doing so will give your tree the best chance at thriving for many years and you will have a beautiful tree you’re happy with.

Follow proper planting techniques and give your new tree plenty of water. Provide shielding and shelter if your new tree will be exposed to the elements and keep an eye on it to note any changes or issues it may be having.

Ask Your Local Arborist For Help

If you need help or advice with choosing your next native tree, give your local, trusted Arborist a call. They will be best able to tell you which tree species would be best suited to your space and provide you with all the care and maintenance tips you need.

Do you need a hand with native tree care? Call Aussie Tree Solutions for your free quote on our professional tree care and maintenance services. Our expert team provides a full range of tree services from tree pruning and tree removals, to firewood, mulch and stump grinding. Whatever your tree issue, we’ve got you covered with over forty years of experience.

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