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We all want our trees to look their best and be healthy and safe, and a little bit of TLC goes a long way when it comes to looking after your trees. So what’s one of the best things you can do for your trees? Regular pruning is right at the top of the tree maintenance list for a number of reasons. You might be surprised at just how beneficial pruning your trees can be. Here are just a few key tree pruning benefits:

1. Pruning keeps your tree healthy

Aussie Tree Solutions Keep Your Tree Healthy

Removing dead, dying or diseased limbs and branches helps stop decay and disease from spreading further, and helps keep pests from infesting a susceptible tree. If a tree is already sick, having it correctly pruned can save it from dying in some cases. Pruning lets in more light and encourages new healthy growth of leaves and branches.

2. Pruning makes your tree safer

Aussie Tree Solutions Makes Your Tree Safer

A healthy tree is a safer tree, as it’s much less likely to fall over in severe storms or heavy winds, and drop dead or diseased limbs and branches. Removing branches that are close to power lines, your house or other structures also reduces risk from damage.

3. Pruning keeps your tree looking good

A well pruned tree is a better-looking tree, it’s that simple! Trees add to the beauty, as well as the value of our homes, and a well-maintained tree is more likely to be lush, vibrant and green.

4. Pruning improves shape and structure

Aussie Tree Solutions Improves Shape And Structure

Correct pruning can improve the structural integrity of a tree and help to form and shape the tree.

5. Pruning can stimulate or suppress growth

Pruning can help stimulate a tree’s production of fruit or flowers, and new healthy growth of leaves and branches. Conversely, it can also be used to help suppress growth if that is the desired outcome.

As you now know – tree pruning is highly beneficial for trees. But here’s the important thing. It is only beneficial if the pruning is done correctly. Incorrect pruning techniques can actually do much more harm than good and can result in the weakening of your tree, making it sick or even killing it. And that means you’ve got a hazardous tree. Not to mention, doing tree work of any kind can be highly dangerous. While it might seem pretty simple and straight forward to remove a few branches – it’s actually not.   

Tree Pruning Experts

Unless you are very experienced and know what to remove for what reason, it’s usually best left to a professional Arborist who will have the equipment and expertise to safely and effectively prune the tree and leave it healthy and looking its best.

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