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There’s nothing better than beautiful, healthy trees in your own backyard. The key to keeping your trees happy and healthy all year round is to carry out the right maintenance at the right time of year.  Here we look at what you can do this Autumn to keep your trees in tip-top condition and looking their best.

1. Pruning

Pruning is critical to overall tree health and condition. Pruning in Autumn is particularly good because the heat of summer is over and it’s prior to the cool of winter so the tree can recover and rejuvenate more quickly. Fruit trees, in particular, will benefit from a good prune in Autumn so that they will produce more fruit in the spring. While it might be tempting to try a DIY prune, pruning isn’t as simple as just hacking away at a couple of branches, and you could actually end up doing more harm than good in the process. Using the correct pruning techniques will benefit your tree. The tree will be healthier, stronger, more likely to produce fruit and flowers, and not to mention, be much more aesthetically pleasing when pruning is done the right way.  

2. Removing Dead Trees And Deadwood

Getting rid of trees that are sick or dying will prevent the risk of serious injury when there’s a storm or strong winds. Falling trees and branches cause deaths and injuries in Australia every year, so don’t become a statistic. If you’re at all unsure about whether any trees on your property are sick or dying, ask a professional. An Arborist will be able to assess your tree, evaluate its condition, advise whether it requires pruning or total removal, carry out the work and have all of the debris removed. Job done.

3. Watering

Trees often don’t get enough water in the heat of the summer season, when water can easily evaporate before being absorbed, so ensure they get a good drink now. Be careful not to over-do it, however, as too much water can be just as detrimental as not enough. Watering in the early morning or late afternoon is a good general rule of thumb.

4. Soil Nutrients

You may want to check the nutrient levels of the soil to ensure your tree is getting what it needs. You can pick up a test kit at your local hardware store and quickly see if there’s anything you should be adding to the soil to give your tree the nutrients it needs.

5. Mulching

Adding mulch to your garden is like giving it a good dose of a health tonic. Mulching around your trees is fantastic for a number of reasons. Mulch allows the soil to better retain moisture; it prevents weeds, it adds to the nutrient content of
the soil, it regulates temperature, it repels pests and is a chemical-free addition that will improve the look of your garden. It really is a no-brainer! So get some mulch in your garden this Autumn and enjoy the rewards.

Remember to always be safe and take precautions to minimise risk if you’re going to do any work yourself. Tree maintenance work can be highly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the right equipment for the job, and is more often than not, best done by a professional Arborist with the appropriate expertise, tools and insurance. You also need to be mindful of your local council’s regulations as some trees may be protected.

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