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Mulch can be the difference between a thriving, exciting yard full of healthy plants, and a yard that looks like it could use a lot more love. But how exactly does mulch add value to a yard, and why is it so important?

There is no top arborist in Brisbane that doesn’t recommend a good layer of mulch for your yard, and at Aussie Tree Solutions, we want to explain why:

Organic Or Inorganic Mulch?

Aussie Tree Solutions Organic Or Inorganic Mulch

With so many types of mulch on the market, it’s important to know which kind of mulch is right for you. There are two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic, with their own unique properties. What’s the difference?

Organic mulch includes only natural plan materials, such as crushed leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, and more. Inorganic mulch is made of synthetic materials and nonorganic materials, such as chips, plastic, pebbles, rubber, and more.

So what are the top 10 benefits of using mulch in your garden?

1. Moisture Retention 

You can never go wrong with moisture retention, which is one of the biggest benefits of using mulch. Unlike regular soil, mulch has the unique ability to reduce the rate of moisture evaporation. This gives your roots more time to soak in the water, meaning you can water less frequently and for shorter periods.


2. It Makes Everything Look Better

Who can say no to an easy case of curb appeal? Mulch can turn a boring and lifeless bed of soil into one that is manicured, textured, and colored with just a few minutes of application. Some brands of mulch specialise in offering mulch that is not only effective, but appealing as well.


3. Overall Soil Improvement 

Mulch is made out of organic materials, such as shredded bark, woodchips, straw, grass clippings, whole bark nuggets, wool, and in some cases, animal manure. This means it has much more nutritional value than regular soil or even fertiliser, giving additional growth potential to all the plants in your yard.


4. Weed Prevention

Weeds can be pesky things, particularly because they use the same warm soil and light that your plants use to grow and thrive. Thankfully, mulch is the perfect way to counter weed growth. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch acts as a natural barrier to weed growth, preventing further light and water from encouraging any new weeds in your yard. With mulch, you can finally say goodbye to your weed problem.


5. Weather Protection 

Mulch is a great way to stabilise the temperature of your soil. This can be the perfect solution in climates that are prone to impulsive weather changes – where one day is warm, and the next you’ve got snow on your yard. Quick weather and temperature changes can lead to soil and root damage, stunting plant growth and even leading to premature death.


6. Long-Lasting 

A good bag of mulch is something you will only have to think about at least once a year. Because mulch is so nutrient-rich, plants take a long time to absorb all the nutrition available in a thick layer of mulch. In some cases, depending on the components of your mulch (and the type of plants in your yard), your plants can continue benefiting from a single layer of mulch for up to seven to ten years.


7. Nutrient-Rich

Aussie Tree Solutions Nutrient Rich

It can’t be understated exactly how much mulch can improve the nutrition levels of your yard. The organic material that makes up the mulch (corn cobs, manure, grass clippings, and more) help the fertility of the soil by turning into humus after they decompose.

So what does humus do? Humus encourages the presence of earth worms, which dig around in the soil leading to crucial aeration. This is what leads to the temperature stabilising and the soil protection, as more oxygen can now flow through the soil.


8. Pleasant Smell

Mulch almost always has a smell, and when you buy a good and trusted mulch, that smell will always be great. There are some bad-smelling mulches out there, reeking of silage, ammonia, or even vinegar, but when you know what kind of mulch to buy at the store, your yard will be smelling like an earthy forest of newly-cut wood.


9. Chemical-Free

There are many homeowners who are afraid of adding “extra stuff” to their yards, due to the fear of chemicals or seeds that might contaminate your plants. One great thing about mulch is that you can always trust it to be 100% organic. No chemicals or anything else that isn’t a product of Mother Nature.


10. Repels Pests 

If you choose a certain kind of mulch – those that have a significant amount of pinewood, cedar, or cypress chips, you get the added benefit of your mulch naturally repelling certain pests and insects, such as gnats and ticks.

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At Aussie Tree Solutions, home of some of the best arborists Brisbane can provide, we are proud to be one of the most services for Forest Mulch in the area. Our mulch is 100% organic, and we apply it with a technique that has helped countless satisfied homeowners in the Brisbane area.

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