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With Summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to have a think about what you need to do for your trees to ensure they stay strong and healthy throughout the heat of the season. Here are a few of our top Summer tree care tips.

Do Your Trees Need A Prune?

Aussie Tree Solutions Do Your Trees Need A Prune

After the rapid growth period of Spring, trees may need to have a bit of a haircut and tidy up. Whilst it’s generally accepted that the best time to prune trees is while they are dormant, normally during Autumn and Winter, it is always advisable to check if your tree has any damaged, diseased or dead branches and get rid of them, to prevent pest infestation and disease. It’s also a great idea to remove any excess weight from the ends of branches and to prune flowering trees that are no longer in bloom.

But unless you are very experienced and knowledgeable in the science of tree pruning, don’t attempt it yourself. Have your trees looked at by a professional Arborist who will be able to do a full assessment, prune the trees correctly to ensure their health and longevity, and clean up afterwards.

Pest Control

Aussie Tree Solutions Pest Control

Summer is usually the time we see more creepy crawlies come out to play. This is a great time to check whether any pests have invaded your trees that need to be dealt with. Tell-tale signs of infestation including holes in the trunk and branches, wood shavings around the tree, leaf changes, and the presence of mud tubes. Also be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Your local Brisbane Arborist will be able to accurately tell you if there are any pests present and the best way to eradicate them.


Aussie Tree Solutions

The benefits of mulch cannot be overstated, especially throughout summer when it’s hot and water is often scarce. Mulch helps regulate temperature, conserves moisture and helps keep weeds at bay. However, it needs to be used correctly or it can actually adversely affect a tree. Starting approximately 10 centimetres from the base of the truck, cover soil with a 10 – 15 centimetre layer of mulch to create a circle around the trunk. Do not pile mulch up high immediately around the base of the trunk as it will basically suffocate the tree and do more harm than good.

Water, Water, Water!

Aussie Tree Solutions Water

It’s always critical for trees to receive plenty of water, and during the heat of summer, it’s especially important. If they don’t get enough water, trees can suffer from drought stress and show signs of illness such as wilting, curling or discoloured leaves. Check the moisture level of the soil 10–15 centimetres below the surface, where ideally the soil should be moist but not too wet. Regular, thorough watering will prevent weak surface roots forming and encourages robust underground root systems which keeps your tree’s foundation strong.

Get A Check-Up 

Aussie Tree Solutions Get A Check Up

Just like us, it’s a great idea for your trees to have a regular check-up by an experienced, qualified Arborist. An Arborist will inspect the tree for any signs of disease, damage and pests. They will also identify any pruning work that may need to be done. This will ensure the health of your tree and the safety of your family and property. Catching any problems early and taking care of the issue promptly may save you thousands in the long run. Take preventative measures and potentially stop your tree becoming sick, falling over or needing to be removed.

When it comes to trees, it’s always a good idea to have a Professional Arborist provide their expert advice. It could save you a big nightmare and thousands of dollars down the track. Not to mention the health of the tree. You wouldn’t do your own surgery, so why do it to your trees?

For all your summer tree care and management needs, Aussie Tree Solutions are Brisbane Arborists you can trust. Call (07) 3351 1722 now for a free quote on our tree care services. Take advantage of our services which include mulching, tree pruning and full tree removals,

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