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If you have trees on your property, especially large trees, it’s important to know whether they are healthy or sick, strong or weak, dangerous or safe, for the protection of the people who occupy the space as well as any structures or assets on the property.  This is the aim of a tree risk assessment.

Here we take a look at what exactly a tree risk assessment is, what’s involved, and why you could benefit from having one carried out.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment?

Aussie Tree Solutions What Is A Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment is a comprehensive investigation into the degree of risk that is posed by a single tree or multiple trees on a property. The assessment aims to identify just how likely a branch or the entire tree, is to fall or fail and what the impacts of that failure are likely to be. This then determines what actions need to be taken to mitigate that risk.

Tree risk assessments can be carried out wherever there could be a potential threat to people or property, such as parks and playgrounds, schools and universities, places of business as well as residential properties.

Who Can Carry Out A Tree Risk Assessment?

Only an AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework), Level 5 Arborist can carry out a tree risk assessment, as they have the requisite qualifications, knowledge and experience to provide an accurate assessment. Ensure anyone you hire to carry out an assessment can show evidence of holding this qualification.

What’s Involved With A Tree Risk Assessment?

Aussie Tree Solutions What's Involved

Depending on the site and the number of trees being assessed, your Arborist will usually start by numbering and tagging all of the trees. They will then carry out a visual assessment to identify any trees that pose an immediate or potential risk of failure. Your Arborist will evaluate a number of factors to provide a complete and thorough report of each tree’s health and risk level. Some of these factors are:

  • The tree species
  • Condition of the bark
  • Any signs of pest infestation
  • Soil conditions
  • Canopy density
  • Any visual defects
  • Structural integrity of trunk/s
  • Leaf condition and vigour
  • Amount of deadwood present
  • Location of the tree and proximity to buildings or other structures
  • Proximity to powerlines or other services
  • Signs of wounds
  • Frequency of people within the fall radius

Your Arborist may need to carry out further investigations such as an aerial assessment, resistograph drilling or other invasive techniques if there is a significant issue identified.

How A Tree Risk Assessment Can Benefit You

Aussie Tree Solutions Benefit

If you have any concerns as to the safety of a tree on your property, a tree risk assessment can alleviate those concerns. By having an expert Arborist provide you with a thorough report, you can decide (with the help of your Arborist), if the tree should stay or go based on hard evidence. Tree risk assessments help ensure the safety of your family, customers or the general public.

Need A Tree Risk Assessment Done In Brisbane?

Aussie Tree Solutions Need A Tree Risk Assessment

Here at Aussie Tree Solutions, we’ve been taking care of Brisbane and surrounds trees for over forty years. If you need a tree risk assessment carried out at your property, look no further than our expert arborist consulting service, for your total peace of mind. Call Aussie Tree Solutions for a free quote on our professional tree risk assessment services today.

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