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If you need to hire an Arborist to do tree work at your house or property, it’s important to know the different types of Arborist within the hierarchy and which one you will need to hire for your specific job.

There are several different roles Arborists can perform in accordance with their qualifications and experience. A Consulting Arborist is considered to be at the apex of the Arboriculture (pardon the pun) ‘tree’ – the most experienced and qualified Arborist and best equipped to do highly specialised jobs. Different to a Commercial Arborist who is a qualified tradesman, who will usually do the hands-on tree climbing, Consulting Arborists are usually hired for more complex jobs relating to planning and development, legal disputes, comprehensive tree evaluations or tree management plans for example. A Consulting Arborist may be asked to provide a written tree report, or provide legal testimony where a certain level of authority is required, as subsequent action will be carried out in accordance with their recommendations, or give expert tree advice where a significant decision is required to be made.

Aussie Tree Solutions Consulting Project Arborists

Here in Australia, a Consulting, or sometimes also referred to as ‘Project’ Arborist, is essentially a tree expert, who holds a Diploma of Arboriculture, Australian Qualification

Framework (AQF) Level 5 qualification is the practical application, and science of arboriculture, together with significant field experience. A Level 5 qualification is a course of study that provides comprehensive knowledge on tree health, tree management and vegetation management among many other things.

Consulting Arborists

A Consulting Arborist uses their considerable experience together with their formal education to provide expert advice in a number of areas, such as:

  • Tree removal or retention on development sites, council land as well as residential property
  • Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) implementation and management on development sites
  • Tree management plans for ‘significant’ trees of importance, such as council protected trees or heritage listed trees
  • Design consultation – where there are trees on development and construction sites as well as residential property
  • Providing formal written reports for council
  • Dispute resolution
  • Tree risk assessments
  • Diagnosis of tree health issues, tree health management and tree root issue management
  • Thermal imaging and use of various tools to diagnose issues with the tree
  • Consult on tree transplantation
  • Tree protection orders
  • Auditing and supervision of works within tree protection zones
  • Weed species management
Aussie Tree Solutions Consulting Qualified Consulting Arborists

Need Professional Help From A Consulting Arborist?

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