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If you’ve had a tree removed or had a tree fall over in a storm and haven’t dealt with the stump you’ve got a couple of options for its removal. Removal is generally recommended because stumps left in the ground can encourage pests and fungus which can spread to other trees and plants, they can be tricky to mow around, they’re tripping hazards and stumps are generally not that great to look at!

Here we take a look at what your options are and when you should hire a tree stump grinding service to take care of your stump.

Stump Removal Options

Aussie Tree Solutions Removal Options

There are basically two options for getting rid of a stump. The first is tree stump grinding and the second is tree stump removal. So what’s the difference?

Stump grinding is a process which utilises a specialist machine that efficiently shreds the stump into wood chip below ground level – industry standard is 30 centimetres. Stump grinding removes the stump and the main root ball, but not always the entire root system of the tree. The roots will usually decay and breakdown naturally with time.

Stump removal is a much more labour-intensive process which involves literally digging out the tree stump and the tree’s entire root system. This is generally a much more intrusive process requiring the use of bobcats or excavator so can make quite a mess. This option is normally used on building and development sites, not on small, residential blocks.

The Stump Grinding Process

Your stump grinding professional should first carry out an assessment of the stump and the surrounding site. This inspection checks for any nearby hazards, underground utilities or services such as water pipes and ensures there is safe access to the stump and room for the machine. They will also need to make sure the ground is solid enough to take the weight of the grinder. The size of the stump will determine the machine that will be required to carry out the job.

Once you’re happy with the quote and the details of the job to be carried out, the grinder is brought on site and makes surprisingly short work of the stump by shredding it into a fine woodchip using its extremely sharp blades. The woodchip can then be used as mulch in your garden so there’s no waste and you’re left with a space to replant and make beautiful. Job done!

What Are The Benefits Of Stump Grinding?

Aussie Tree Solutions Benefits

There are many benefits of stump grinding. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • It’s a fast, effective process
  • It’s an environmentally friendly process
  • It stops an unwanted tree growing back
  • It doesn’t use harsh chemicals or toxins to be effective
  • It’s a relatively low-cost solution for removing a stump
  • Your yard is left ready to re-plant
  • It’s doesn’t make a mess of your yard
  • There’s no waste as the chip can be used as mulch

DIY Stump Grinding

If you’re thinking about attempting to grind your own stump, do so with extreme caution as stump grinding is a seriously dangerous job.  The grinder’s blades are extremely sharp – sharp enough to shred through wood, and if something goes wrong it can lead to very serious injury or worse. There’s also the risk of flying rocks and tree debris to be aware of.

Unless you know exactly what is required for the job, you may end up with a grinder that can’t do the job at all, as stump grinders that are available to hire are usually much less powerful than those used by professional tree companies. You also must be 100% certain there are no underground pipes or other services that may be impacted or you could end up with a big problem!

Stump grinding, like most tree work, is almost always best left to the professionals who will carry out a full risk assessment of the stump and the site, bring the appropriate machine for the job and carry out the work expertly and efficiently.

Professional Stump Grinding Services In Brisbane

Aussie Tree Solutions Professional

If you need a stump dealt with fast, look no further than Aussie Tree Solutions. We have been providing professional tree stump grinding services to Brisbane residents, businesses, schools and local councils for 40 years. Our team of experts will make short work of your stump no matter the size, from almost all locations, even those with tricky access near pools, other structures or on small blocks using our premium quality machines. We ensure that stumps are removed to below ground level and take the utmost care in minimising any damage to surrounding gardens.

Call Aussie Tree Solutions anytime, 24/7 and ask for a free quote on our tree stump grinding services.

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