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Many parts of Australia have experienced severe weather patterns, including prolonged droughts. With more hot, dry, windy weather predicted for the future, we should all try to conserve water wherever possible. Using tree mulch in your garden is one way to improve soil health and prevent water loss through evaporation.

By providing a good layer of mulch, you prevent the evaporation of water from the soil and enhance its water retention capacity, ensuring there is more available to the plants, and less need for additional watering by you. Mulching also suppresses weeds which compete with your plants for nutrients and water, provides a stable soil temperature to promote plant growth, and of course saves water.

An advantage of tree mulch is that it breaks down slowly, releasing nutrients over a long period. It’s best to use medium to coarse mulch because this lowers the surface temperature and retains water, so less watering is needed. These organic mulches improve the soil by adding nutrients as they decompose and encourage earthworm activity.

The use of a good quality, organic mulch is one of the most important strategies in creating an efficient garden. The depth of mulch depends on the type of tree mulch used. For coarse mulches, a layer of between 2 and 6 centimetres is ideal. Be sure to keep the mulch about 6 to 7 centimetres clear of plants stems or they may rot.

Other impressive benefits of using an organic tree mulch include insect repelling properties, such as that from the eucalyptus. The highly potent scent of crushed eucalyptus leaves and bark repel many pests and can be used as an effective insect barrier around horse stalls, dog houses, and animal quarters in general. In addition, eucalyptus trees grow quickly and are easily propagated, which make it a good choice as a renewable resource.

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