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Winter has arrived – but don’t let the cold stop you from looking after your trees! Keep your trees strong, vibrant and healthy this season and well into the next with our top winter tree care tips below.

Time For A Check-up

Aussie Tree Solutions Check Up

Trees can show tell-tale signs of distress, so by doing a visual check-up you can see whether your tree is trying to tell you something’s wrong. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Changes or abnormalities in the leaves such as wilting, discolouration, change in size and shape, lack of leaves or leaf loss, blemishes.
  • Presence of pests or signs of pests such as holes.
  • Holes, cracks or cavities in the trunk or limbs.
  • Changes to the bark such as peeling, shedding and cracking.
  • Significant presence of broken, dead or dying branches.
  • The tree is suddenly leaning.
  • Presence of fungus.
  • Lack of fruit, flowers or cones for applicable trees.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to have your local Arborist carry out a full assessment to see if the tree is at risk and determine what needs to be done.

Don’t Forget To Water

It may be cold, but that  doesn’t mean your trees don’t still need to be watered. Winter can be quite dry here in South-East Qld, so make sure you keep up your regular watering schedule to keep your trees healthy and strong.  If the soil around the tree is bone dry, give your tree a good drink, but not so much that it becomes waterlogged.

Provide Protection

Aussie Tree Solutions Provide Protection

If you have trees that are showing signs of distress, you have trees that are particularly susceptible to the cold, or you have newly planted trees, you may need to provide them with some additional protection to help them through the cold season. Cover the tree with a sheet, tarp or other material all the way down to the ground to trap warmth and to act as a shield from harsh conditions.


Mulching your garden is always a good idea and winter is definitely no exception. Mulch has a number of benefits including:

  • Helps retain warmth and moisture in the soil.
  • Helps to regulate the temperature of the soil.
  • Adds a protective layer to assist with keeping pests away.  
  • Adds nutrients into the soil.

Have Your Trees Pruned…Properly!

Aussie Tree Solutions Pruning

Removing dead, damaged or diseased limbs from your tree will help protect from disease and pests. A good prune will also promote new growth and improve your tree’s overall structural integrity, making it healthy and strong.

Don’t attempt to DIY unless you are highly experienced in correct pruning techniques. Using the wrong techniques can actually have the opposite effect and damage your tree, making it weaker and more susceptible to pests and disease. Hire your local, trusted Arborist to prune your tree and avoid any issues down the track. Your tree will thank you!

Give Your Trees The Best Care This Winter

Aussie Tree Solutions The Best Care

Winter tree care is easy when you have help from the professionals. Aussie Tree Solutions is your trusted Brisbane tree service. We’ve been expertly taking care of trees for over forty years, so whatever your tree problem – we’ve got the solution!  From tree pruning and tree removals to our expert Consulting Arborist Services, we’ve got you covered.

Call Aussie Tree Solutions today for all your winter tree care needs.

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