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Trees and Powerlines simply don’t mix so as they suggest…‘Look up and Live’

Trees and power lines are a very dangerous combination. If you are not aware of the Australian guidelines of working near power lines before commencing work, then there can be some grave consequences. Unfortunately, too often in our industry accidents happen, however, these accidents can be prevented. The most important thing at the end of the day is for all of our staff (and our greater tree community) to go home to their families. When we hear about a tragedy, it makes the reality of how dangerous our jobs are sink in and is a reminder that you must be aware and vigilant at all times.

Safety First

Aussie Tree Solutions are fully aware of the safe distances and guidelines that must be followed when working near service wires and live power lines. Every tree company should be familiar with the Electrical safety code of practice 2010. It can be found on the Queensland Government website ‘Worksafe’.

Every day, at each new location, a site evaluation is performed by our staff. They evaluate what risks may be presented to them and how they should go about the job to avoid these risks. If a job is deemed unsafe to proceed with the work, we will engage the services of a professional in that field.

Another thing to consider if you are planting trees near power lines, is which varieties are more suitable or you can seek advice from an Arborist.

Another good source of information can be found on the Energex website under ‘Safetree Plants’. It provides a list of trees and native shrubs that are appropriate for planting under power lines in South East Queensland. Head over to view the list of trees that are recommended.

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